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Too much stuff in my Google Reader and elsewhere for me to keep up with…so here are some links for the best of Bloglandia…according to me:

Renee at Womanistmusings: It’s Elementary A Gay Sherlock Holmes is a No No

Apparently, in promotion for the film, Downey appeared on Letterman, where he dared to question the sexuality of Holmes….lions and tiger and bears oh my! Now gasp everyone. What if the famous Sherlock Holmes “was a very butch homosexual”?  It seems the wrestling, sexual tension and sharing of the same bed does lead one to a certain shall we say speculation.

Cristian Asher: In Sickness, Health … and Silence

If this gay soldier is injured, his husband may not be allowed to visit him in a military hospital. If this soldier is killed, no one will call his husband.

No one will call him. How could they, when he doesn’t exist?

In a funeral, he will not be offered the folded flag. When medals are awarded, he will not be recognized as the person his husband fought for, the reason that he served so valiantly.

Sady at Tiger Beatdown: Acts of Contrition: Feminism, Privilege, and the Legacy of Mary Daly

If you are like me, and didn’t know who the fuck Mary Daly was until she died, I recommend this piece. Sady lays it down for you. I couldn’t find a good excerpt because it really needs to be read in whole.

Maia Spotts: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Greedy Homophobic Socialite

And yet, silence in 1984 when In Bed With Sherlock Holmes was published, overtly acknowledging the homosexual overtones in Doyle’s work. Not a word in 2004, when Graham Robb created an explicit affair between the two in his book. Tight-lipped about My Dearest Holmes, published by the Gay Men’s Press.

elle, phd: Hey, Census Bureau! You Forgot to Include “Cullud”!

Because–and I can’t speak for everyone–“Negro” certainly invokes thoughts of a much different era.

abby jean at FWD/Forward: It Will Always Be The First Thing I Think Of

*Trigger warning for descriptions of self harm*

Natasha Chart: Why Do Women Have to Go to Clinics for Abortions

I view violent, abusive, coercive and manipulative protestors as an arm of the State. Because the government refuses to take the logical step of removing women from harm’s way by letting them get all their medical care at the same places that less icky citizens get theirs, they must therefore sanction this abuse that’s going on in plain sight, in front of gods and everybody, every damn day in the country they’re responsible for.

That’s all I got for this week. I am sure I forgot something, and if you have anything great, drop it in comments.


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