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Wednesday Whedon Moment

The Redemption of Cordelia.

Cordelia Chase.

Pampered, spoiled school girl, or body jacked Higher Being, is one of my favorite characters in all of the Whedonverse.  

Throughout the eight years that we watched her progress in story arc after story arc she went from shallow and self centered to using her last moments in a self sacrificing gesture to set her friend back on track.  Despite herself she grew as a person and deepened in character, doing a complete turn around, in her own way and on her own time.

Or did she?



Wednesday Whedon Moment

Why is Buffy such a bitch?

I started my venture into the Whedonverse a while ago by watching re-runs of Angel on TNT.  They had just started showing the series, and I managed to jump in from the start, which pleased my little OCD riddled brain.  I really enjoyed the show as a stand alone, and had never had the urge to watch the then already cancelled Buffy.  It seemed too angsty for me, and the spinoff Angel was far darker, and more along my line of interests.  It is the story of the vampires told from the vampires.

But there were chunks of the story that didn’t fit, and while I enjoyed the show on its own I eventually borrowed and began watching the DVDs of Buffy.  My friends who would watch Angel w/ me wouldn’t watch Buffy w/ the same enthusiasm.  Why?

B/c Buffy is such a bitch!

It is something that has always bothered me for as long as I had learned to enjoy the series.  Yes, I always enjoyed Angel far more, again b/c the story was more in line w/ my interests, and at times I did find Buffy a little too “it’s all about ME!!!1!” for my taste, but this accusation of being a bitch (as if this is somehow supposed to be a bad thing, b/c IME, bitches get shit done) seemed a tad exaggerated and unfair.

So, why?  Why is Buffy so harshly criticized?  Why is she the way she is?  Finally, why is it such a bad thing to be “bitchy”, if you are in fact saving the world a lot?

I’m Buffy. I’m new. ~Buffy, “Welcome to the Hellmouth”


Wednesday Whedon Moment

Some of you have been missing these.

We don’t have the access to posting videos that we used to, and I don’t have the patience to sift through the seemingly endless steaming piles of fanvids to provide you w/ visual fodder to continue w/ Wednesday Whedon in the usual fashion.

However, I think it is important that we critique the things that we enjoy to make sure that we understand what it is we enjoy, and to be careful of the things we are taking in.

Consider this an introduction.

This being the case w/ all things related to Whedon’s work, I want to continue w/ WWM, but in a different manner.  I want to begin a feminist critique of different elements of the Whedonverse, if you will forgive me, to provoke discussion.  Honestly, the Twilight posts are going so well, and the Roseanne posts have gone almost equally as well that I thought I would give this a try.

If you have something you want to discuss in Wednesday Whedon, email me at randombabble (at) mac (dot) com.  All valid requests will be taken into consideration w/ time and energy allowances.

First WWM post coming soon, providing I can get it finished tonight.

Wednesday Whedon Moment

Thought you could use some non-election related fluff…

How excited am I to see this?

Don’t fuck this up, Fox.

Wednesday Whedon Moment

My favorite Angel Episode!

Wednesday Whedon Moment

I have been waiting to use this one precious clip on YouTube that isn’t a fanvid.

During our discussion on alignment the other night over dinner we also discussed vampires w/ souls (why, yes, we are great big nerds, thank-you), and whether choosing to go through trials to get your soul back and use it for good, or having it forced upon you, attempting to atone for past evils and using that to turn around and use it for good is a more noble choice.

Choice or dealing w/ what you are given?

Brought to you by the two coolest vamps w/ souls ever.

(Cross Posted)

Wednesday Whedon Moment

I now have to select and make my own clips, since I have used up all the time I have budgeted this lifetime for wading through fanvids.  People who make fanvids should be forced to watch them a la Clockwork Orange.


Today, I bring you the book of Malcom Reynolds.



“If your hand so much as touches metal I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.”

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