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30-Day Challenge: Day 1 — Your Favorite Character

A Fangirl’s Manifesto Praising Grumptastic Little Brothers Everywhere


This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.


Carver Hawke from the game Dragon Age 2. A pale man with chin-length dark hair pulled back on the top and sides wears plate armour over a blue and grey-scaled tunic. He has a greatsword on his back and a fairly surprised expression on his face.

The best and most lovably grumptastic little brother anywhere.

As an older sister of a young man who was an absolute PAIN IN MY ARSE until we were adults, I have to go with that lovable younger brother and all-around adorable grump, Carver Hawke. (more…)


The Spirit Within

I have a new post in my series “The Games We Play” up at Bitch:

Horrible acts of violence, when linked to mental illness in pop culture, perpetuate the stigmatization of people with mental illness in real life as potentially violent. They give audiences the idea that it is OK to strip the rights of persons with disabilities because we could, at any moment, become a danger to the public, even if we never have before. All of the mages in Kirkwall were deemed in need of control because they were all going crazy, another stereotype of the mentally ill. Eventually their deaths were all called for, because they were deemed too much of a threat.


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The Straight Male Gamer’s Privilege

Hardcore vs. Casual

New post is up at Bitch!

There is a certain sect of gamers who want you to believe that they are the only true gamers. They are the self-congratulatory ones who want to take credit for carrying the market all by themselves into the modern era only to be traded in for the pieces of silver that turned out to be games that more people could enjoy and access without having to devote another full-time job’s worth of hours or spoons to it. Games like Peggle and Lemmings and even Tetris were insult enough without The Sims being interesting enough to be one of EA’s most popular games and apparently dragging girls into the mix (because dudes never play The Sims, amirite?). This, of course, means that no one will ever make a decent, fresh, innovative, hardcore game ever again.

You can read the whole thing here!

Playing With Anna Collier…

During the course so far of my series at Bitch I have had the opportunity to interview Anna Collier, a truly awesome figure in the U.S. pro-gaming circuit:


We gave our daughter her first World of Warcraft account a few years ago, and a friend of ours told us that we were setting her up to be one of the “jocks of the future.” Do you see pro-gaming being taken as seriously as professional sports one day?

I can see pro-gaming getting more recognition as a professional sport very soon into the future. Gaming has already become a sport with paid professionals, sponsored teams, recognition in major magazines and, soon, televised shows and events. Gaming is like any other sport; you have teams and coaches, practices and scrims, and then you compete at a tournament. Many people would probably say gaming isn’t a sport because there isn’t any physical activity, but you never hear people complain about chess not being a sport, do you? Gamers go under a lot of stress when competing, they have to time certain weapons and power ups, have to have great communication skills, and above all, they have to stay calm while under pressure. It can get very intense, and if you aren’t prepared, you’ll lose. End of story—Game Over.


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Pwn Anonymously, With Love

My newest post is up at Bitch Media:

But many people rely on that anonymity for many reasons. Apparently, we as gamers are still catching a lot of flack for engaging in our favorite hobby. Even though the ESA [pdf.] says that the average gamer is 34 years old (26% are 50 and older), that 67% of house-holds in the US own a gaming console or computer for running “entertainment systems”, and that 64% of parents believe that games are a positive part of their children’s lives, gamers are still viewed by many as deviants. Being a Halo player can even be used as a political smear. We are unproductive. We are prone to violence. We lack ambition. Something … I forget, I think we also lack concentration, but that might be my fifth Code Red Mountain Dew today, also. *Shrugs* Why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy our favorite way to unwind without worrying about how our co-workers would feel about us running around Azeroth twenty hours a week as opposed to plunging ourselves in a good book or taking a cooking class?

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What Are You Up To?

funny pictures - You coulda told me dem birds were fake before I ran headfirst  into da wall..
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I’ve been a tad pre-occupied with, um, things. Like my series, The Games We Play, over at Bitch Magazine that’s going on right now. The most recent post,With All Due Respect is up now. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been reading recently, or playing, or doing?

I’m also waiting for my copy of Dragon Age 2 to show up in my APO mailbox so I can get going with the excitement. It all works out because I switched consoles recently (and am sort of lamenting not choosing to play it on a PC, but it is so PRETTY on my PS3, so, wev), and am still trying to get an importable run-through ready from DA:O. We’ve also acquired Heavenly Sword, and I am a bit sucked into the story, if not impressed with Narito’s lack of pants.

I am giving up on 1984 for now, in favor of finishing the Jacky Faber series and continuing on with the Ender’s Game series (and am going to have to bust to stay ahead of The Kid, who is finishing up the first book!). I am just a little too depressed for Wells at the moment, and will put it up to finish at a later date. It’s a good book, but I have to read it in the sunshine, I think.

The break in weather is allowing for more walking time after school, but I am squeezing in some time in the water as well.

So, hit me up in comments? What are you up to?

Some Shameless Self-Promoting…

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Things have been running a bit slow here in babble-land. I won’t lie, I’ve been a nasty, neglectful, Moderatrix. I’ve been working on a project that I wanted to devote full attention to in order to make sure I had something I could present and of which I could be very proud.

So, I would invite you to check out my series on video games and gaming over at Bitch Magazine’s blog, called The Games We Play for the next eight weeks. Hopefully now that things are a-go-go I may be able to attend to your needs as well. I love being able to schedule my time, but I hate overwhelming myself, so in the name of self-care, I decided to focus on one thing at a time.

Please do check it out!

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