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I think I have teh plague…

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I will try to get around to some more posting today.  I don’t know what I have, but I am pretty sure I got it from my very own household plague rat.



*heh-hem* Is this thing on?



I haven’t been poked w/ sharp things in about four months…

so off I go to Pearl Harbor to have more labs done today.

I was supposed to do this Monday, but apparently it was more important for my stomach to asplode and for me to spend the day crapping instead.

I fucking hate fasting blood tests.

And there was much rejoicing…

10,000 hits and 7,000 miles

That is the number of hits I have received since installing my stat counter and sitemeter.  It is also the number of miles I have officially driven our Ford Escape Hybrid.



ETA:  Someone had to go and steal my thunder!  Congrats on the milestone of sorts, my Phriend!

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