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Moar Travel Blogging!

DSCN3968 At Blessed and Cursed and Won.  Check it out.  That’s an order.


Traveling with The Guy Beats Traveling Alone

Me:  Oof.  My belly hurts.

The Guy:  You need to eat some more Yakisoba.

I don’t think The Guy understands my problems.  ;)

Moar Travel Blogging

The DMZ.


Greeting us outside the DMZ. Oddly cheery.

We took a guided bus tour to the DMZ yesterday.

There is a lot to be said for visiting landmarks that stand as constant reminders of painful history.  Korea is a proud place, both the North and the South, in their own ways, and the DMZ is a harsh reminder of the differences in that pride.

In the South, there is an odd aura of hope surrounding the DMZ and the surrounding area.  They seem to stand, waiting, with their breath held for the hopeful future of reunification.  It is obvious in way that the DMZ has become an exciting tourist attraction, complete with a small theme park (with rides) at Imjimgak Place.  The surrounding attractions have been conspicuously brightened, as if to put the fear and pain behind them.  It was extremely odd to stand in a place where my grandfather once stood, in entirely different circumstances, and see it regarded as a place of hope. (more…)

MOAR Travel Blogging…

Kid catching some ZZZ's on the C-17 we rode to Alaska and beyond.

Kid catching some ZZZ's on the C-17 we rode to Alaska and beyond.

At BaCaW.  Clicking the picture will take you there.  We totally got to ride here.  And on one of these.

I now consider myself a quasi-expert on Space A travel, so if anyone out there with privileges is considering traveling in this manner and has questions I welcome you to email me at randombabble (at) mac (dot) com.  I will be more than happy to give you the scoop on what you need to know when flying with your friendly neighborhood AMC.

Travel Blogging…

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