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Transgender Day of Rememberance 2009

Yesterday was the 2009 Transgender day of Rememberance in our hemisphere, and it is today in the West.

I am really not good at writing these kinds of posts sometimes, but I want to point to this one by kaninchenzero at FWD/Forward:

I personally am angry. All over the world, in every society, we are there and we are dying. Because we are still seen as less than, as mistakes, as inherently deceptive, as the butt of every cruel man-in-a-dress joke, as freaks. Our genitals are viewed as substandard facsimiles at best, our sexualities are commodified and sold when they are considered at all. We are discriminated against in employment and housing, in immigration and criminal justice, in airplane travel, in language. Our medical needs are routinely denied coverage by insurance providers in the United States — even those needs which would be covered, if the insured were a cis person — and can be difficult to obtain even in countries which provide health care to their citizens. Worst of all we are dying because people feel entitled to kill us. Because we are who we are, there are people who feel we deserve to die.

The whole post is very good, and better than anything I could come up with. Please read it.


Stay Classy, Rebecca Romaijn!

Cast of the series iEastwick/i

In a Press Tours Diary (yes, I read Ausiello, sue me), Rebecca Romaijn (who played Mystique in the X-Men trilogy) was quoted saying:

It’s nice to play a woman again after trannies and mutants.

Nicely done, Rebecca.  Charming. /facepalm

There is so much I can say here, but I will let you have at it in comments.

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