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Thursday Blogwhoring

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This Blogwhoring Post brought to you by the Evil Godless Whore Feminist Kitteh Collective.

Kate Harding Interviews Crystal Renn in a Salon piece that hits a little too close to home for me:  Dying to be the next Gisele.

Two pieces from Flip Flopping Joy:  Why Michael Jackson is important to me and and action item, Michigan finds another way to bite itself in the ass.  Please make it stop.

Sociological Images:  Orientals Vs. Gauchos:  Who are you rooting for?

Angry Asian Man:  Jin Soo Kwon wins an Emmy!

Also:  Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake speak “Chinese”. (I speak Chinese, and I have no fucking clue what is going on here.  Big fail, you two.  Big fucking fail) (more…)


Thursday Blogwhoring

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Damnit I missed Thursday again so you get it on Friday edition. (more…)

What she fucking said…

AKA Thursday blogwhoring.


The Red Queen has a piece up at Change.org on Poverty in America:

We have had the hopeful ideas of how the world is supposed to work stripped from our imaginations. The American dream we all know is now shown as a myth. We don’t get ahead through honest hard work. We can’t make life better for our kids when education is so far out of reach. You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps when the only boot you know is the one holding your neck to the ground.

And now AIG is giving out million dollar bonuses.

The depressing reality is that everything you’ve been told to do is wrong. Getting an education, working hard, buying a house, saving for retirement, putting your kids through college, none of that makes much of a difference. Unless you are part of the elite, there is not much you can do to protect yourself. We are not much different from the feudal peasants who believed that if they just did what their master said they’d be rewarded in heaven, We believed the lines about  hard work and education and saving for retirement. But investing for the long term doesn’t work when Wall Street scam artists reduce your 401k to pennies overnight or when the panic of the wealthy puts your home upside down in debt.

Anonymous Shaker has a post up at Shakesville about the side of forced birth arguments we never hear:  The silent depression of birth mothers:

I have given a baby up for adoption, and I have had an abortion, and while anecdotes are not evidence, I can assert that abortions may or may not cause depression – it certainly did not in me, apart from briefly mourning the path not taken – but adoption? That is an entirely different matter. I don’t doubt that there are women who were fine after adoption, and there is emphatically nothing wrong with that or with them; but I want to point out that if we’re going to have a seemingly neverending discussion about the sorrow and remorse caused by abortion, then it is about goddamn time that we hear from birth mothers too. 

Believe me when I say that of the two choices, it was adoption that nearly destroyed me – and it never ends. The only comparison I have is the death of a loved one. The pain retreats, maybe fades, but it comes right back if I poke at it. Writing this has taken me nearly two weeks. Normally, I can write this amount in about thirty minutes, with bathroom breaks. I started to type, and stopped only to reread, then go wail into my pillow. There is no such thing as “over” with this.

Via Black Amazon:  Dear Iowa:

Lori Phanachone is a member of the National Honor Society, has a 3.9 grade point average and ranks seventh in the senior class of about 119 at Storm Lake High School.

But school officials have told her she is considered to be illiterate based on her refusal to satisfactorily complete the English Language Development Assessment, a test she says is demeaning and racist.

On Wednesday, Phanachone finished serving three days of in-school suspension for what school administrators say is insubordination. She faces another three days for continuing her silent protest with a second refusal to take the test. According to a written statement presented to her Wednesday, Phanachone said, she could be suspended again and then expelled for a fourth refusal.

Mr. Ruleaux (assistant principal Beau Ruleaux) told me I was ‘no Rosa Parks’ — that I should give up because I would not succeed in my protest,” Phanachone said.

(Emphasis Mine)

Like Black Amazon and The Jaded Hippy have already mentioned, how THE FUCK does a girl get straight A’s in English Comp, attain a 3.9 GPA, and suddenly be deemed illiterate?  Simply b/c she had the audacity to be proud of her heritage and honestly state that her family speaks a different language at home, she is being forced to take an ESL or ELL test to prove her English proficiency, despite the obvious demonstration of that proficiency in her daily education.  Post racial society my ass.

frau sally benz continues w/ her Legendary Latinas:  Bigger than Life series, highlighting Rita Moreno:

Moreno’s greatest professional achievement is being the first (currently only) Latina to win the top four entertainment awardsShe won an Oscar for West Side Story, a Grammy forThe Electric Company, a Tony for The Ritz, and an Emmy forThe Muppet Show (she went on to win another Emmy forThe Rockford Files). This is a feat very few entertainers are able to claim, and it’s great to have a Latina in that category who’s so skilled in her craft.

Along with her work as an entertainer, Moreno is committed to working as an advocate for education, Latino issues, diabetes, and osteoporosis. She is also married and has a daughter.

I have learned a lot about women w/ whom I was unfamiliar from her series.  The other two posts highlighting Frida Kahlo and Dolores Huerta.

From Renee of Womanist-Musings: Teaching about the Laramie Project will get you fired in Oklahoma.

I tried to find something to excerpt, but I can’t decide on any one part.  Please just go read the whole thing.  When our children are faced daily w/ a public education system that wants mindless drones who just keep their heads down and go w/ the flow, a woman actually teaches children about social justice and how to speak up for your ideas, and she is whisked away for nothing more than the audacity to teach free thinking.  For shame!

Pizza Diavola talks about Tax Time:

I just did my taxes today. Usually, when I think of taxes, I think of schools, public transit, Medicare/Medicaid, and all the other happy benefits that serve the common good. I also think of wars, nuclear stockpiles, torture, surveillance, and tax cuts that favor the wealthiest in this country. This year, I thought of Stuart and John (PDF) and John’s speech at the anti-DOMA rally in January, where he held up a 1040 (the primary federal income tax filing document in the U.S.) and talked about how the federal government forces him and every other married same-sex couple to commit perjury when they file as Single.

A guest post at Racialicious by Monica Roberts of TransGriot: If A Transwoman Can Play A Transwoman In Indian Movies, How About In Hollywood?

It would be nice if Hollywood would actually put a transwoman in a transgender role, but they still can’t get it right with cisgender women of color either.

What’s going to have to happen is that transwomen are going to have to write, produce and direct their own stories, and one of those indie films is going to have to make enough money and garner enough awards to get the peeps in Hollywood’s attention.

As for Paal, here’s hoping it’s an artistic and commercial success in India and beyond, and it leads to a nice career for Karpaga and other Indian transwomen who follow in her pumps.

From Renegade Evolution:  An Open Letter to Kyle Payne

Another one in which I couldn’t decide on just one excerpt to include.  Just check it out.

There are more links to be found at Womanist-Musings, The Jaded Hippy, Ojibway Migisi Binishii.

Feel free to discuss these links or drop your own in comments!

What she fucking said…

Oops!  It’s not Thursday (though, I think it is somewhere).  But given my little “incident” yesterday, I am sure you will forgive me.

So, here we go.

From Renee, What do the homeless deserve?, and Slut shaming from texting leads to suicide (horrid concern troll/victim blaming in comments alert!).  

More Avatar FAIL.  I am officially not seeing this movie.

Adele Nieves passed this info about SPEAK! to me on Facebook.

From Hoyden about Town (how have I not read them all this time?), Alcohol and Breastfeeding, and Rape Myths, Rape Myth Acceptance and Community Perceptions of Victims of Sexual Violence.

From Cara, Kansas Law Allows Anonymous Rape Kits for Those Who Don’t Immediately Report.  Inspired me to leave a pretty lengthy comment, too.

Renegade Evolution:  Tyra, you may be pretty but you really kind of suck.  Slut shaming at it’s finest, but given that it’s Tyra, no surprises here.

Laren:  A short letter to Bristol Palin.  *blub* warning.

Liss:  How Odd.  And a special thanks to her, b/c when I sent that article link I didn’t know where to begin or how to approach it.  Shit like that chips away at me.

The Red Queen:  Getting out is never easy.  Trigger warning.

More links from Cecelia, and The Jaded Hippy.

Leave your own links in comments, but mark where the link is, b/c they don’t show up right.  Ex:  (link)

What She Fucking Said…

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but it is Thursday and I need to do some blogwhoring.

From Renee:

Dear white women, seriously get a clue.  More often than not your fight against sexism is about assuring that you have the same right to oppress as white males.  The whole “we’re all sisters” line is just a convenient ploy that is used to enlist the help of WOC.  Enough! Until feminism can clean up its act, it will continue to alienate women of colour

The whole post is great, and has sparked something of an explosive conversation, one that obviously needs to happen.  Until white feminists confront this head on we are going to find divides in feminism/womanism that are going to further hurt our cause.

Reacting to Renee’s post is whatsername, w/ this great piece, which she cross posted at Feministing.

This shit will probably keep happening, as new, young, white feminists keep coming to the movement. But we gotta spread the word. We have to do what we can to nip it in the bud. Because ignorant white women are hurting our sisters in movement, and making it more difficult for the rest of us to be trusted by them. Because this is our function as allies, to use our social position to point this shit out. Because at some point, it’d be nice for this movement to actually be realized. 

I admit that I am appalled by the response this got by the community at Feministing, but not surprised.  No matter how important and true the message there is always someone there to lecture about tone and to make it about them when it really isn’t.  It just further compounds whatsername’s point.  As far as her tone, IMNSFHO, people have been saying shit nicely for years, and nothing has been getting done about it.

Misty has some questions for North Dakota on their passing of this retrofuck bill. (h/t)

Speaking of harm, what about miscarriages? If an embryo/fetus has full legal standing as a genuine/individual person, the its ‘death’ will need to be investigated via autopsy. When I miscarried, I started bleeding on a Wednesday. I went in for my ultrasound on Thursday where it was confirmed. I couldn’t get into see my ob/gyn until very early Friday morning, which by then I had naturally passed everything (into the toilet). Should women who face the same situation straddle a bucket to bleed in? Keep her pads? Take the contents to the police? The contents of such will need to be investigated to make sure that there was no foul play involved, as again, an embryo/fetus is a full legal person whose death would warrant an investigation and, eventually, death certificate (which, btw, are not given for miscarriages now). How much more money will this cost?

Righteous anger is a beautiful thing.  I am also curious, too.  I have a copper IUD, which I have expressed never ending love for in the past, so were I to go to ND, does having it make me a serial killer, since nothing implants?  I mean, I am pretty sure I just had an unimplanted embryo pass (long story), so does that make me a murderer?

Cara also talks about this bill, and links back to this post by Jill, which is a favorite of mine on this issue of granting full personhood to embryos or blastocysts.

 Pro-lifers claim to value each and every human life, from the moment of conception. That’s why, they say, they want abortion to be illegal — because it kills a person. And there are indeed a lot of abortions. But the abortion rate pales in comparison to the rate of fertilized eggs that don’t implant and “die” by being naturally flushed out of the body. Yet there is not a single pro-life organization (at least that I can find) dedicated to finding a solution to this widespread, deadly epidemic. The “death rate” of unimplanted fertilized egg-persons almost certainly far exceeds the abortion rate and the death rate from AIDS combined. Why the silence? Why no mass protests or funding drives or pushes for research?* Where is the concern for the fertilized egg-people?

I personally feel we should start mailing our tampons and pads and diva cups to the authorities in ND post haste.  I am only kind of kidding.


Feel free to drop your own links in comments (my comments don’t seem to highlight links, so make the tagged portion say (link) if you possibly can).

I owe you a blogwhoring post…

Life is really really hectic right now.  In the last few days, we had a re-enlistment, a Winter Holiday gift exchange (first of a few small ones, nothing big this year at all) to pre-empt our first of two pack outs on Monday, pre-overseas shipping car maintenance appointment, last day of school, packing, cleaning, and now preparations for a going away party for The Kid for tomorrow.

Long story short, we are busy getting ready for the COT Leave and Korea move.

So, better late than never!


Thursday Blogwhoring


Hello Readerland!

The Countdown is beginning!  Lots to do here in Babbleland w/ the unpacking for the packing and pack out and moving.  I need one of those widgets w/ a count down clock thingy.

I am exhausted…new medications SUCKS…yes that is my official verdict.

You know the drill:  I tell you what to read, then you tell me what to read.


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