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why it’s not “just a game”

Because, like I have said before, now more than once, we are dealing not only w/ words and their meanings, which are big and heavy all on their own merits, but b/c we are dealing w/ actual people.  Real fucking human beings.

I am sick and fanfuckingtastically tired of the “it’s just a game”, “lighten up”, or “it’s all in fun” being arguments for why the shit like I talked about yesterday is acceptable as a form of entertainment.  I am more than tempted to just say “hey, asshat, your privilege is showing” to people who think that as long as it’s just a game and they personally are not causing anyone harm (a fact which i believe is still up for debate), but this time it is coming from people whom I respect, and some of them I love, and w/ some of them I have forged bonds.  

And that makes it harder to just point at brilliant posts by incredible writers better than me and tell them to educate themselves.  It also makes me realize that the people I know IRL may not have all of the background and enlightenment that I have found via my online community of friends (as I experienced w/ a friend of mine on Myspace yesterday.  For some reason it still surprises me when people are unwittingly blind to sexism and misogyny).  I will give these people one free pass, and I will point to the wealth of knowledge on Al Gore’s internet *throws poppy petals*. (more…)


world AIDS day


smack dab in the middle of the 16 days to end VAW comes world AIDS day.  statistics lead experts to believe that AIDS is on the rise in the US, and world wide as well.  i don’t have much of a scope for opinion on this one.  we, as a country desperately need to do more to educate young men and women about AIDS, and teach them how to protect themselves.  we need to stop pushing abstinence on ourselves and the world, since it doesn’

t work.  at all.

but i can’t help but think that people blame AIDS victims.  i remember as a girl, my mom had a boyfriend, and he had a gay brother, who was pretty much a jerk, but his boyfriend was pretty awesome.  however, he had AIDS.  i was almost 14, and it was my first encounter w/ either a homosexual person and w/ AIDS.  we had known him almost two years when his health took a devastating turn, and he slowly died before our eyes.  even as a girl, too young and naive in the world to understand things fully, i remember asking him be put on our prayer list at church.  they obliged me, but i very clearly remember the disapproving looks, and out right lack of condolences for our grief at all.  one of my “friends” even sniggered when i made the request of my sunday school teacher.  yeah, looking back my life choices have made complete sense.  the point is that this guy was a person in my life.  he was someone we had grown to care about, and while i didn’

t understand fully the impact of him having AIDS, i know how it felt that no one seemed sorry he was dying.  and that was unforgivable to me.

so, take it for what it’

s worth.

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