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No Sense in Repeating

So I will just direct you to Melissa McEwan’s words on Obama’s veep selection.


I am waiting.  Waiting for those people who have blindly and staunchly supported Obama even though his “100%” NARAL rating isn’t deserved.  I am waiting for them to admit that they are just following the messianic craze, and not paying attention to the harm he is going to do us.  And I am waiting for them to stop fucking telling me that I have to vote for him to keep McCain out of the White House.  That isn’t my job.  My job is to vote for who I feel is best suited to run this country…and given choice A or B, I choose C–none of the fucks above.  McCain is going to ruin our lives as we know it, but Obama will do the same w/ his new cohort, only he will do it w/ that shit eating grin on his face telling us it’s all in the name of change and unity.


Go fuck yourself, Obama.  And take Biden and his pro “Partial Birth Abortion” ban support w/ you.



I am Irritated.

I know. That comes as a huge surprise to many of you out there (if i have any readers left after disappearing for so long). Some of you may recall a little news bit…something about some coffee place closing some stores.

What? You have heard? OK, good, we are on the same page there. (more…)

standing back

i had meant to blog about my experiences at the parent/teacher workshops that the Guy and i have been attending at the Kid’s school.  i did blog about the first one, and got some great feedback and questions about the school…

i have no real reason why i haven’t followed up on that…except that, as previously mentioned, my muse is playing a little game of cat and mouse w/ my creativity.

i thoroughly enjoyed the classes, four in total.  i enjoyed them not just for the clarification of how the school functions daily, or the child psychology, or learning about ways to positively feed a childs sense of belonging and importance w/o feeding the wrong kind of attention.  they focused on Adlerian psychology, most specifically, i think, on Rudolf Dreikurs’ thoughts on children feeling they are important in their social circle.  Dreikurs offers that children will respond positively w/o reward or punishment if they feel they are an equal part of their family setting.  i enjoyed the class not just for the instructor’s amusing anecdotes and true life examples…


welcome, little Chieftain!

i value the friendships that i am forging over the internets like i would any other type.  if we have connected you have made an impact on me somehow…

and when things suddenly turn scary for you, i become scared for you…

so i was more than relieved to see that Oro’s absence from the blogosphere was not due to tragedy!

congrats to you, Mr. Oro, and the new little bundle we have come to know as the Chieftain!

your post made me all weepy…thank-you for sharing…

see how strong you are? 

may Brigid bless you as you welcome this new little one into your world, your lives, and your arms! 

the scary portal and the dragon w/ in…

saying that i am overwhelmed right now is an understatement.  i snapped at the Kid this morning for taking too much time to tie her shoes and comb her hair, and had a mini melt down over not knowing what to wear…i apologized to the kid and settled on a shirt finally…


random hit

h/t to my MOM!  seriously.  i gotta give my mom some space here…she is 50, and has gone back to school.  she is going to be a surgical assistant, i believe.  i try to tell her everyday how proud i am of her.  we had a really rocky relationship growing up, but i find that the rory/lorelei bond might not happen in real life…i am digressing…but despite all the bad water that has passed under the bridge (and all the therapy i have been to in order to grow and become friends w/ my mother after years of turmoil) i gush w/ pride that while some people just throw in the towel and live off of their husbands and whine about fixed incomes, MY MOM GOES TO COLLEGE!  i am so proud of you mom…and hope to be following in your footsteps soon…and i sure as hell never thought that i would say i actually wanted to do something like my mom…does that make me old???

she has also been asking me a lot about feminism lately, and is trying to write her first research paper in years about why feminism still matters.  my MOM!  who claims she is a republican (sorry mom, you just aren’t) wants to know as much as she can about things like the wage gap, and women’s health and other injustices that make feminism relevant today…i teared up a little emailing her some starting points…i may buy her jessica valenti’s book for winter holiday…geared younger i know…but it will probably answer some of her questions…and it was a quick read…my mom, afterall, when i was very young, gave me influences i (and possibly she) didn’t realize…one of my clearest memories of being a young girl living in jackson, michigan, was my mom yelling that she wished there was a huge puddle on the road where the “pro-life” *coughantichoicecough* protesters were toting their signs…a few weeks ago i called her and thanked her for that example…however twisted it may be…not very “freedom of speech” friendly of me…but it apparently made an impression on me…

back to me going to college…i am coming up on a change of life…no, not that change of life…but the end of one phase and the beginning of…well i really don’t fucking know…i have this GI bill to use…and i want to know what the fuck to do w/ it…i will have my AA in chinese soon…i have two more tests to take…but i am thinking of finishing what i started b/f getting knocked up by mr. i am allergic to condoms and would rather be a marine than a daddy…i was a history major w/ a geek on for all things russian…i wanted to go poly sci, but was afraid of econ…now i am wondering if my dread of econ may be holding me back from something i really love…no idea what i will do w/ it…but i am thinking of turning my 110 credits, plus AA in chinese into something along that road…switching from eastern europe to the far east and south asia in history…and biting the proverbial bullet and and facing econ head on in the hopes that i will find what i am looking for…but my GI bill has limits…and so i need to be sure this is what i really want to do…and figure out what the fuck i want to be when i grown up…cuz a SAHM navy veteran sure isn’t my life’s ambition…no matter how many nanny and au pair job offers i have received…and did i mention that i have never been good at decision making?

it is no secret that i am a convert…but i did just realize that i am still a registered republican…that’s right on my 18th birthday i marched my ass into the secretary of state’s office and registered to vote and became a registered republican…but we all grow up sometime, especially when life kicks us in the ass and we realize that we have secretly been harboring liberal ideals all along…and now those values are staring us in the face dressed as real life…and not the 1950’s tv show we thought life was when we were good little church girls green and naive…so now i have to figure out how to switch officially in time for a primary…which i need to apply for an absentee ballot…and it is all very confusing and i am not even sure if it is necessary.  plus, i am not going to be ADM by the general election…so i need to look into voting here as well i suppose…ugh!  growing up is tough!

finally…i finally got LEOPARD!  zoltan brought it (along w/ that damned cold) from california last weekend.  we bought the family pack (so i only had to pay half)…and w/ the household network we have, we have already had fun controlling e/o’s compys w/ the cool new “share screen” feature…i haven’t even had time to check out all of the cool new features…but i will!  i heart my mac…i suppose i could also try working at the apple store so i could actually get paid for all this free advertising i give them…hrmmm…

so this blog is already longer than i had thought it would be, and more like “dear diary” than anything of substance for the five of you out there…*waves*.  now i am off to swallow some melatonin in hopes of sleeping tonight…unless we have another thunder storm…ugh!  i am babbling again!

malama pono!

nitey night!

lofty dreams

i received an interesting email today from an woman named adele, from liquid words productions. their company specializes in marketing and publishing manuscripts, among other things, and are working on an anthology about feminism in the 21st century. guess who they want to submit a piece from a feminist single mother perspective? ME! i am so flattered! the woman saw my comments on feministing, and followed it to random babble, and emailed me to ask me to submit! they are working on a deal to publish it in march 2008, during women’s history month.at first i was a little suspicious, as i would be w/ anything that comes to me online. i contacted a fellow feminist blogger whom i respect from the curvature, who is working on a submission as well. she also contacted me via an email address she could only have gotten from my blog, so she did her homework.i don’t have to pay any money to submit, and if it is published i may receive a small payment, but that isn’t the point at all, is it?due to some personal things in my life right now i asked to be allowed a little extra time, since the deadline is in two days, and i don’t feel that would give me enough time to do my best work. if the company agrees, then i will let you all know how the project is coming along. i don’t think i need to tell many of you how this is kind of a dream of mine, to be taken seriously as a feminist and a blogger. i also don’t need to elaborate on how i feel out of my league, since most of the other contributors are english majors w/ degrees and some type of credential, and this would be my first serious piece. ooh! nervous all over!the only other thing i am having trouble w/ is a topic. she told me a piece from the perspective of a feminist single mother. that is pretty broad.

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