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Legend of the Seeker

Three presumably white actors: a young man in a loose blue shirt and vest with a sword, a woman with long dark hair in a flowing white robe, and a very tall old man in a tan/orange shirt stand in the woods.In my utter disappointment that I can not have the instant gratification to continue on to the next season of whatever U.S. series with which I am trying to catch up, The Guy and I stumbled across the complete first season of Legend of the Seeker. Since I am such a sucker for a good fantasy series, and since I had heard somewhere (can not for the life of me remember where) that Charisma Carpenter was in at least one episode, I decided it was relevant to my interests. When I pointed it out to The Guy I thought he was going to give birth to kittens in the DVD aisle over the fact that this is apparently (loosely) based on a book series he has read by Terry Goodkind’s the Sword of Truth, or at least the first book, Wizard’s First Rule.

So, the vote was unanimous and we picked it up. Honestly I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner, because it seems like it would be the kind of thing I would have watched.

The pilot episode “Prophecy” gave me enough to whet my whistle and enough to know that this show will deliver a lot and fall short in a lot of areas that I could have predicted it would before cracking the shrink wrap.

The lore of the universe breaks it into three provinces, Westland, Midland and D’hara. Westland has been separated from the rest of them by a magical barrier meant to keep magic out for hundreds of years. The people in Westland live in fear of magic, both having been separated from it for so long and for having been told so many stories of what it could do to them.




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