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Lest we forget…

I ran across this article in the early edition of the NYT today (one of the benefits of being on Honolulu time, I get to see the next day’s articles early since it is still early here).  

When people think of Hawai’i, they often think of the beautiful beaches and touristy vacations spots.  Like I have mentioned before, hardly anyone ever thinks of the darker side of Hawai’i, the parts that people either don’t know about, or don’t care to know about.  Either way, there are people in Hawai’i who, by the nature of our history and the history of our government, deserve to be in our memory.  The people who became lost in Paradise.

Few people have heard of the Island of Moloka’i, or the Friendly Isle.  Roughly one third of the size of O’ahu, it is lush and beautiful, and home to the most incredible beaches of the world.  Perhaps this was a reason for it’s history.  Moloka’i, while being beautiful, especially if you are interested in seeing some of the most beautiful nature that is in Hawai’i (perhaps why its official color is green), has a shadow over its past.  Most people on the US Mainland would not be aware that Moloka’i is the home to the oldest colony of sufferer’s of Hansen’s disease, more commonly known as Leprosy.

Now, w/ the scare of leprosy long gone and science and medicine available we know that the segregation of the patients of Hansen’s was not only unnecessary, but completely unethical and inhumane.  You can read stories of children separated from their families and sent to colonies when they were too young to know what was going on, and read stories of patients having their families and newborns torn from them, b/c those were the laws.  But w/ the threat debunked and the scare passed, we have people left living in what can best be described as their homes, b/c that is what they have known.  People who have made their lives out of the crap hand that was forced upon them by those who were too scared to think better.  I read about the citizens of Kalaupapa now, and the lives they have made, and it warms my heart to read how they came to care for one another and to build a community together.  But w/ the youngest of the patients of Kalaupapa being in his early sixties, we need to know that they exist.  We need to remember these people, and the way we allowed our fears to forever alter their lives.  Their lives need to have mattered.  The way that they have formed families where sadness and death reigned needs to forever remind us that we need not give way to fear.  We need to not allow fear and hate to tear apart people’s lives.

We need to remember them.  They deserve to be remembered.


One For K…

Every now and again we all need some cheering…

When I found out that BSR had a Buffy addiction to rival my own that he was also passing on to his children, I knew that we were going to be good friends.  I didn’t expect we would be Phriends.

It was pretty much a slippery slope from there, but in a totally good way.

BSR is great for an email chat if you are down.  He is thoughtful when you need good advice, even when he is going through emotional turmoil of his own.

He has friggin’ adorable children, and that is another reason to admire him, he is truly one of the truly great single fathers I have encountered.  He doesn’t want a cookie for doing something special, he does what he does b/c he is a good parent, and he knows it is a tough job.  For that alone, he truly is a diamond in the rough.

He will send you things randomly for your birthday.  He is cool like that, and even though the Spalding Gray book he sent me made me cry full blub in the doctor’s office where I was reading it, I still consider him a great Phriend for thinking of me.

Strangely enough, he likes music that was popular from my wheelhouse (yes, I do believe that I am the baby of this group of Phriends), so when I noticed that he likes No Doubt, I figured, What the Hay, I could post a video that was one of my favorites from then, and I would bet it would bring him a smile.

BSR, I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through, but please know that you now have and will always have Phriends here, in Bloglandia, and even in Meatworld.  None of us are more than an email away.

Sharing the love

If you read here a lot, and enjoy the links I not so infrequently drop to Shakesville, that haven in the shitstorm of things that don’t make sense, please consider swinging over there and showing some love, in comments or otherwise.  Our blogmistress is a damn fine human being, which, to horribly paraphrase her own words, is a statement which is so simple it is inversely proportionate to the awesomeness that it is meant to convey.

She has inspired me, and there are times that I have read her writing that I have felt like she was speaking to me personally (in a totally not creepy way).  When people we appreciate need us, we should do our damnedest to reach out to them.  ‘Liss fights the good fight, armed w/ a huge fucking teaspoon in an ocean of carelessness.  What she does is changing lives and doing that Great Big Thing I believe in, making this planet a better place for those on it and the world a better place for those in it.

While I appreciate her need for time away from Shakesville last week, it was a serious void in my life.  I am glad to have her back.

Go show her your love.  She is far beyond worthy of it.

I am Irritated.

I know. That comes as a huge surprise to many of you out there (if i have any readers left after disappearing for so long). Some of you may recall a little news bit…something about some coffee place closing some stores.

What? You have heard? OK, good, we are on the same page there. (more…)

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