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I added some new stuff to the side bar.  Check them out.  *pssst!  they’re over here! ——–>


Something New

Randomly (natch) The Guy asked me after dinner if he could do a regular segment here at Random Babble.  I am always looking for new good material and fun co-Babblers, and I think regular segments are a fun thing to have on blogs (b/c I have OCD and like things orderly).  It was so unsolicited and cool sounding, and right up my nerd alley that I couldn’t resist.  The Guy has achieved notoriety here, so I will let him introduce himself to you all as he sees fit.  You should see his first post tomorrow.  Perhaps I can persuade him to do other things occasionally and maybe we can provoke him into conversation sometime.


He is a master of all things gamer-dork related, and he has fully embraced his inner nerd.  I will state for the record, however, that he is SO not the DM of me!


So, w/o further ado…

The 300

Happy Friday!

If I did my math correctly, this is post number 300.

300 posts in just under 11 months.

I bet whoever taught me to read is really rethinking that decision right now (j/k, since it was my mom and she lurks here occasionally. She even used it in some research for a college class she is taking. My mom goes to college!).

Here’s to all the babbling!

And to you, Readerland!

PS, I am getting married tomorrow, if you are interested in such things. You may be able to read more about that here.

Now, go to Shakesville for the Pub (I would make a link to the Pub itself, but this is a scheduled post so it doesn’t exist yet. Just go.)

live from Gelderland

i have (a few days ago) hit 2,000 hits!

UPDATE:  i was apparently mistaken, and sitemeter isn’t keeping up, i think, b/c according to my stats, i have, in fact, achieved 4,000 hits. (more…)

monday monty moment- i am pissed at wordpress edition

UPDATE: i have managed to figure it out.  FTR, the info in the forums is not clear.  apparently i am going to spend my spare time learning html, which is one reason i no longer use the apple host.

however, at least the formatting of paragraphs seems to be fixed.


i am really really really pissed right now that i can’t run my blog the way i want.

thanks, WordPress.

i didn’t realize i had to have a degree in html to use this.  everyone told me it was so much easier to use.


a heads up would have been nice, along w/ the option to use the old version until you worked out the bugs.



anyway, enjoy what was supposed to be the “new mascot edition” of random babble’s monday monty moment.

please excuse my mess

WordPress has decided that they needed to “upgrade” things.  the new format is proving tricky, and some of the buttons that i have just gotten used to have now disappeared.  if i am slow to publishing, that may be why.


i will do my best to keep up w/ things as usual around here.  hopefully the posting video thing we be fixed in time for Monday Monty.

hi! i’m still alive!!!1!

i am still here!  wow!  i was sick!  i had the cold from hell that wouldn’t let go.  it was miserable, and so was i!  i had to reschedule an activity i am doing w/ the Kid’s class and a lunch w/ my aunt and uncle who live on the Windward side of the island.  needless to say i wasn’t doing any posting…

i also had to finish my “Yes Means Yes” submission, but i don’t feel as strongly about it as i would like.  my faithful “editor” told me it was “RAD”, which i loved, but i guess only time will tell.  i have an article i am going to sell in my head and partly on paper…but i didn’t do a lot online while i was “under the weather”…

but never fear, readerland!  i am here, and as i look at my draft queue i see some stuff i was working on, and may finish some of it.  i also have some blogwhoring bouncing around in my head that is itching to get out.

i see that it hasn’t slowed the readership here, so that makes me feel loved!

so stay tuned, readerland! 

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