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What Are You Up To?

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I’ve been a tad pre-occupied with, um, things. Like my series, The Games We Play, over at Bitch Magazine that’s going on right now. The most recent post,With All Due Respect is up now. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been reading recently, or playing, or doing?

I’m also waiting for my copy of Dragon Age 2 to show up in my APO mailbox so I can get going with the excitement. It all works out because I switched consoles recently (and am sort of lamenting not choosing to play it on a PC, but it is so PRETTY on my PS3, so, wev), and am still trying to get an importable run-through ready from DA:O. We’ve also acquired Heavenly Sword, and I am a bit sucked into the story, if not impressed with Narito’s lack of pants.

I am giving up on 1984 for now, in favor of finishing the Jacky Faber series and continuing on with the Ender’s Game series (and am going to have to bust to stay ahead of The Kid, who is finishing up the first book!). I am just a little too depressed for Wells at the moment, and will put it up to finish at a later date. It’s a good book, but I have to read it in the sunshine, I think.

The break in weather is allowing for more walking time after school, but I am squeezing in some time in the water as well.

So, hit me up in comments? What are you up to?


Random Linkspam and Some Me Here and There…

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While I finish up some projects and deal with some…stuff…please enjoy these links from my RSS, from my co-contributors/friends/both, from my email, from me, and elsewhere:

slave2tehtink writes a letter to NPR

Your statement this morning that the US military “wouldn’t arrive” in Haiti
until early next week, as the Army is projected to be there Sunday and a
contingent of Marines onboard the USS Bataan a day or two later was followed
by an off-hand mention that the USS Carl Vinson would be there THIS FUCKING

Allow me to assist you with your reporting by sharing some shocking facts
about the US Navy in general and aircraft carriers in particular.

lisa at Sociological Images: Socialization and Gendered Job Segregation

So it’s more than just gendered jobs, it’s an acknowledgement that when boys and girls do the same job, it gets called something different and, more, better compensated when men do it.

Angry Mouse at Daily Kos: Feminism Fail

And it’s always a crisis. Even under a Democratic president, with a Democratic supermajority in Congress, the nation’s biggest feminist organizations are in crisis mode, raising money but unable to deliver results. They’re just as effective as they were under Bush. Which is to say, Not. At. All.

Snarky’s Machine (via meloukhia on tumblr): Pay the Lady

I don’t give a shit. Pointing out the obvious just doesn’t really hurt my feelings. You’re gonna give me what you gave the rich white lady and you’re gonna like it.

Hell, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to give it.

Anna at FWD/Forward: Feminist Icons

When we talk about Women’s History – and I understand Women’s History month is in March in the US7, so that’s not too long from now – we are doing something wrong if we do not include the lives of women with disabilities. Helen Keller isn’t the only woman with disabilities who has been ignored, erased, or sanitized for public consumption – it happens over and over, to queer women, to women of colour, to women who are ‘marked’ as ‘not-mainstream’.

elle, phd: The Limits of Choice

This is our world, where a woman who may have been sterilized against her will has to offer arguments as to why this should not have happened to her.

Alex DiBranco: Sexting: The Problem is Bullying, Not Sex

Whether or not it’s a good idea to text naked pictures of yourself to someone else, it wasn’t the act of “sexting” that led two girls to commit suicide in the last two years. It’s the bullying that accompanies it.

Tracy Clark-Flory: Formula for disaster

Well, which is it? It’s hard enough to navigate the contentious breast-feeding debate in the developed world, let alone as it applies in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere — and during a heartrending crisis, no less. So, I spent the better part of a day on the phone and immersed in reports from UNICEF and the World Health Organization to get the lowdown on baby formula as aid.

Paul the Spud: How Dare You Question Me

I’m continually amazed that anyone can consider Pat Robertson a man of compassion and love.

lschmeiser: Screenshot: Tina Fey, avatar of ambivalence

Also: Can we talk about the food thing?

Natalia Antonova: Dear Pat Robertson

(must click through)

Some Shameless Self-Promotion:

Outdated FMLA Laws Hurt Workers, Families, and the Public (from Change.org)

Military Wives: The Right Kind of Sexy

Youth Say Pregnancies Best Planned, But Half Have Unprotected Sex

What Women Troops Really Need in Care Packages: Plan B

Hillary Clinton: Still A Hero for Women’s Rights

Military Builds Wounded Warrior Barracks to Ease Transitions

VA Study on Veteran Suicide Rate Leaves Out Women

Tell Us About You Visit… (from FWD/Forward)

Here and There…

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Some Shameless Self-Promotion:

My final post is up at Bitch blogs:

Transcontinental Disability Choir: Disability in Comics — A Discussion

Comics have also done a bit to normalize disabilities in the eyes of their readers. Kids growing up with a disability might be able to find their favorite superhero rocking out with a disability of their own. So, here (and with a huge tip of the hat to my bigger nerd than I partner for letting me pick his brain), is a list of major players with disabilities who were portrayed as more than props or pathetic tropes meant to teach the able-bodied A Very Special Lesson.


Subtitles in Assassin’s Creed II and Ubisoft’s Pledge (It sure looks like I am flexing some kind of nerd cred or something…)

When Assassin’s Creed II came out I read in The Guys Game Informer that they made a lot of changes based on what fans wrote to Ubisoft asking for. Before I was willing to get this for The Guy for X-mas this year, I needed to see two things: 1) That the playable character could not drown in a two fucking inches of water, and 2) subtitles. Well what do you know, this iteration’s assassin can fucking swim, and Assassin’s Creed II includes subtitles for all of the game play.

Veterans Find Self Expression and Therapy

The more ways we find to help our returning troops the better. If they aren’t thriving in the traditional therapy programs (and I can understand why), or if they aren’t being given proper therapy in addition to their drug treatments (I can relate), then we need to find therapy programs that do help them. We owe it to them.

At Change.org’s Women’s Rights Blog:

My Top 5 Hopes For the Military in 2010

I have hopes that the military and the Armed Forces Committee will get their collective acts together and do some basic things in the name of equality and human dignity in 2010.

Courts-Martial for Pregnancy: Good Intention, Bad Implementation

The loss of troops from vital places is an important point to ponder — but a policy that targets women, whether intended to do so or not, isn’t the way to get the mission accomplished.

Outdated FMLA and Workplace Laws Hurt Families, Workers, and the Public

The existing laws for workplace norms and leave were made over 50 years ago, when your typical family and worker looked a little more like The Donna Reed Show, while today’s families might look more like early seasons of the Gilmore Girls (with less TV magic). The Family Medical Leave Act offers unpaid leave to women after giving birth and to other workers after things like surgery, but that does little good to workers who can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

Just the Facts on Abortion, Please

I have scant patience for anti-choicers who stretch or misconstrue the truth, misrepresent facts, mislead the public (especially teenagers), or otherwise lie about pro-choice policies or what it is that feminists are fighting for when it comes to reproductive justice. I feel the same way when it comes to the pro-choice side — which is why I am particularly irked by glaring errors in reporting military policy on abortions by feminist or women’s rights blogs.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’d better get my butt back to work! In the mean time, what have you been up to?

Here and There…

A grey sriped cat jumps over an orange sofa. Text reads "this cat is not frozen in time, this is a photograph".Shameless Self-Promotion time!

I have a couple of new posts at Change’s Women’s Rights blog:

This Just In: Sex Isn’t Going to Destroy You! :

A study done by the University of Minnesota finds that only a fifth of sexually active youth participate in casual sex, or this rampant “hookup culture” we hear so much about from conservatives and the anti-feminist crowd. (And really, so what?) More importantly, the study found that, of those people, there was no significant decrease in their emotional well being. In other words, they seemed perfectly happy with the joy of a crash and go sexcapade, contradicting abstinence-proponents’ arguments about how sex before marriage or casual sex will destroy us, making us all bitter, unhappy, lonely people. (Think duct tape.)

Well, gosh, color me shocked! Shocked I tell you!

There is a link in that post to make a tax deductible donation to Scarleteen. There is also one here, and at their site. Please consider making one this holiday season!

Target: Breastfeeding Woman is a Threat to Safety:

A security guard told Mary Martinez that she would have to leave because it was illegal to breastfeed in the Target store. Ms. Martinez, and her husband, Jose, knew that this wasn’t the case. In fact, Jose Martinez is a Detroit Police Officer, and they told the security guard that they knew breastfeeding in public wasn’t illegal. The security guard called the police on them.

Veterans Affairs Centers Fall Short of Women’s Needs:

A recent investigation found that one-third of VA centers lack proper facilities for conducting pelvic exams or for the mental health care that women veterans need. I remember having to hunt around for a toilet in an ill-fitting paper gown at my own exit screening, past several other open, occupied exam rooms. I was the only woman there. They had no sanitary napkin to offer me and it was an embarrassing scene trying to find a place where I could insert a tampon. I was fighting back tears when I finally found a (presumably) unisex bathroom.

At Bitch Blogs, I have a piece up:

Transcontinental Disability Choir: The Public Consumption of Britney (there is a little kerfluffle over a snarky remark I make in the post about Fox News. Wev. I hate Fox, they are jerks, and usually the worst offenders of this sort of thing, and snark is what I do.):

As Britney’s life spun out of control we were spared no morsel, from that infamous hospital ride to Dr. Phil’s advice to her and every last bit of her painful emergence back into the world. Everything that was a part of her treatment or recovery that the media could get it’s hands on was plastered on every tabloid on three continents.

That’s what I’ve got. What have you got? What have you been reading or doing?

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New Posts Here and There…

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At FWD: No, Actually, “Eat a Sandwich” is Not “Feminist Activism”…

Because the policing of women’s bodies, whether you are being cheeky, or saying it to a plastic doll, is not cool. It’s hurtful and not useful, and has no place in feminist discourse. Can we move past that point? Huh? That’s a pretty Kindy thing, IMNSFHO.


Change.org’s Women’s Rights Blog: Women Have Been on Subs for Years: It’s Time to Integrate the Service

Here’s a little news flash: Women have been serving on subs for a long time in the United States Navy. Maybe not in the capacity in which they are about to be, but they have been there for years, serving in short stints, and they have somehow managed to not destroy the Navy as we know it with all of their girly bits.

Also, I have a petition up at Change to urge Congress to put the Compassionate Care for Servicewomen Act back on the table. If you are so inclined…

That’s what I have been up to … what have you been up to?

Here and There…

If you have read the rest of the Internets, might I recommend:

Bitch Magazine: Transcontinental Disability Choir: Disability: The Human Condition

Let’s not kid ourselves. Humanity is a disability, clumsiness is a placeholder for that disability and all that is bad with being human, and vampirism as that magical cure, the sure fire fix for all things disabling.

Change.org’s Women’s Right’s Blog

I have another idea for Ms. Donnelly and her ilk to help them focus their concerns:  Fight like hell to get Plan B included in the TRICARE Formulary (the standard list of drugs that must be stocked) and make it available in all Military Treatment Facilities (MTF).

Yeah…it’s been a bit busy around here lately.

Annaham has a post up at Bitch right now too: Disability Chic? (Temporary) Disability in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”

The overall message: Disability can be “cool,” but only if it is temporary, not shown to the public, and that your eventual recovery from it can be portrayed through the timeless medium of dance!

Show her some love too.

Chally of Zero at the Bone and our own FWD/Forward has been nominated for Best Individual Blogger at the Weblog Awards, so please vote for her to get her to the finals.

Also, FWD/Forward has been nominated for Best New Blog, something which we are all excited about, so if you are so inclined…

Some blogwhoring…

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I haven’t done one of these in a while … there has been a lot going on.  Apologies if I have missed something awesome that you did, and please share it in comments.

Cara at the Curvature: Not the Man I Know:

It’s not a musing about how violent people are generally capable of hiding their violence in certain contexts. Nor is it even usually an attempt to justify one’s relationship with a violent person. It’s just a flat-out denial. Perhaps even worse, it’s a dismissal.

He’s not aggressive. He respects women. He’s very sensitive. He loves children. He gives back to the community. Once, I saw him do this thing that I consider to be the opposite of the accusation.

Chally: Limits:

You need to approach me as limited because you need someone to be less than you. It is a relief to have someone to compare yourself with and think that you’re doing better than me, at least.

The next two I found via the Sixth Carnival of Feminist Parenting, which is really great and worth checking out.

Ruth Moss: Dear Kate Harding:

You don’t mind those children who are controlled by their parents, or at least, the ones where the parents try to control them. You realise it’s difficult to control them (in the same way it’s difficult to control weight: clue; in both cases, control is the wrong approach). But at least try, come on! And as for those parents who take some kind of pride in not controlling their kids at all (and is it just me, or do I detect the tiniest hint of classism there too?) they’re the lowest of the low.

Umm, did you know Carrie Fisher has a blog? And that she is still awesome (like I had any doubt)?

You see, I was hot when most people are hot—- in my fucking 20’s & part of my 30’s……THEN, in an effort to imitate humans, I had a child &, to further maintain my life like disguise, I took medications for about 9 thousand years, &, despite all my efforts, I continued to get older & older——inadvertently, I assure you———-I tried to arrest my development physically as WELL as emotionally, but unfortunately without as much success. I also must confess that I ate food. I’m sorry….. I realize that I promised never to eat anything but lettuce & sun flower seeds, but tragically, I was unable to keep my promise.

s.e. smith: The chemical coshing of sexuality:

Make no mistake: disabled persons who want an independent sex life are routinely denied lives as sexual beings. Whether they are sterilised in institutions, forced to take medications in exchange for being allowed to live independently, or not informed about the sexual side-effects of medication, their voices are left out of the treatment decision-making, even when treatment has very real – and sometimes deadly – side-effects.

Liss:  On Carrie PreJean:

To make an issue out of these tapes, to endorse or encourage their release for any reason, is to perpetuate the rape culture. Despite our collective refusal to regard them thus, celebrity sex tapes released without the participants’ consent is sexual assault. Consenting to the sex act, even consenting to its being filmed, is not implicit consent that images of the act be publicly distributed.

From Change.org:

(That by-ling is not a mistake, that’s me!)

Unfortunately, the intersection of feminism and the military receives limited coverage in womanist/feminist circles unless the discussion centers around rape. Don’t misunderstand me: Rape is a serious issue in the Armed Forces.  In weekly posts to come, I fully intend to discuss military rape and sexual assault, the ways it is being addressed (or not) by Upper Brass, how awareness is being raised, and the effectiveness of training geared toward preventing assault. Yet if we, as feminists/womanists, feminist allies, and other women’s rights advocates, focus only on rape and sexual assault, then we are dismissing the positive experiences and achievements made by women every day.

There is a ton more that I haven’t remembered to bookmark, shamefully.  Some of the FWD/Forward team is also doing a stint at Bitch as the Transcontinental Disability Choir, so please stop by and show us your love! Drop your links in comments, and show some love to the peeps who worked on these pieces (and me!)

ETA: I am ashamed to say I forgot to bookmark and link to Quixotess’ Boycott of Feministing.  Read her post for why, because I appreciate her boosting the signal.  Can’t stop the signal, Mal. Also, see Meloukhia’s Open Letter if you need a brush up.

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