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Nature in action


On our trip to the Honolulu Zoo Wednesday, some of the animals were a little frisky.  

See more of our trip here.


Weird Science

(Photo from National Geographic)


Saturday we took the Kid to see The Bodies Exhibition in Honolulu.  We had a good time.  I wrote about the trip here, but I want to voice my thoughts about it, and things that it made me think about as well.  This seemed as good a space as any.

I spent a good deal of time talking myself into wanting to see it first hand.  It is here in Honolulu (and big things don’t come here often), so it felt like it would have been a missed opportunity to not go at all.

The Exhibit itself disturbs me on a few levels.  One of those are the claims verifying where the bodies originated.  All official statements claim that these bodies were donated to science by the Chinese government since they had no next of kin to claim them.  This sits ill w/ me on two levels, one being that I dislike the idea of a body being used for science where the former occupant did not willingly submit himself or herself, and the second being that the Chinese government is not always forthcoming.  There is no way to show for certain that these bodies are not those of persons executed in Chinese prisons.  Other than the facial structures of the bodies and the statures making it obvious that they are indeed of Asian descent, even the disclaimer on the Exhibit’s website says it can not independently confirm that the specimen are as claimed.  The concept of the Exhibit itself doesn’t trouble me specifically, but rather the idea that it was not voluntary.  China has a bit of history w/ human rights violations, enough to make this sit ill w/ me.  How are we to know that the families of these bodies were simply not informed of these deaths to be able to claim them? (more…)

For all the whiners

who had to fucking whine about objects for scale when I posted the really cool pics of my huge ass garden snail a couple of weeks ago, I have some more pictures. (more…)

This is why I walk on the sidewalk!

So I don’t, in all my clumsy glory, step on something cool like this!


This guy was just chillin’ out in the front lawn.  I had to grab my camera. (more…)


Dig Pinpoints Stonehenge Origins



The theory that it was a centre of healing is certainly a plausible one, but I don’t think we can rule out the other main competing theory – that the temple was a meeting point between the land of the living and the dead.

The whole article had two really cool videos as well.  I love when science starts to back up bits of the Old Ways.  So very cool, although admittedly my heart stopped a little when I saw people were excavating not just near it, but in it.

A Science Lesson

Red Ear Sliders should not live together.


Bad Turtle!


Poor battered and bleeding turtle.


They have been separated…and I will have you know that someone is in a serious time out.

Any turtle knowledge is appreciated.


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