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The Place is Lookin’ Pretty Good, Eh?

A very bright and white picture of a white cat with blue eyes between two white waffle-y objects. Text reads: "Welcom. I am Ceiling Cat. You have crossed over."

I hope you are enjoying the Tilt-O-Whirl of color changing that has been the exciting re-vamp going on here! I know I am! While the dustcovers are coming off of things in the back here, I hope you will check out the guest posts I have up at Racialicious right now.

Talking to Kids About Sex (a cross-post from a while back)

Guilty As Sin

And, wow, what a wonderful and fantastically warm reception from the folks at Racialicious, too. From Latoya and Andrea who helped me iron out my thoughts on a really imposing topic to the commenters who have been so supportive, it has been a great experience.

Something that is much needed when you are living on The Peninsula right now.

So, thanks, again!


Merry Christmas

We will be out having Chinese food w/ our Jewish friend, Mazeltov Cocktail, today.  I may get in a new Twilight post when I get home.

In the mean time, enjoy the only Christmas song I like, and I hope someone out there had the good sense to have Birthday Cake for breakfast*.


*Back when I was a Christian we used to have Birthday Cake for Jesus on Christmas morning for breakfast when I would stay at my friend’s house, who was more like a sister to me, since her parents always had a Christmas morning for me.  My mom and I were on the outs for years, and my dad didn’t have a lot of money accessible and lived far away, so they always made a place for me in their home.  It is one thing I still like to do, even though I am Pagan now.  I like to think that Jesus and I would get along, and even if his real birthday would be another time, I would gladly have birthday cake w/ him for breakfast (in a bowl w/ soymilk over it) on Christmas morning, just as I am sure he would have some ice cream yule log w/ me on the Solstice morning.

It warms the cockles of where my heart used to be…

to see people I knew from my Conservative/Christian days (good friends, even) still hold loving Christian principles and show that compassion is in fact what it is all about.


In the end there are three choices that can be made in response to homosexuality.

1) You have the position that states God embraces same-sex sex and equivocates gay and straight relationships.
2) You have position that all sexual expression outside of a marriage between 1 man and 1 woman is sinful. Thus, it is not sinful to be gay, but it is sinful to act on those attractions. and
3) you have the position that it is sinful to be gay and individuals who are attracted to their own gender need to be seeking healing from that.

There will never be an agreement on which of the three choices is the most appropriate path to take. The church needs to recognize that these perspectives are out there, and as an independent community decide in which direction they will support the GLBT community, for it needs support, especially from the church (particularly those individuals who choose #2). (more…)

a pagan’s thoughts on halloween

I love Halloween.  I love Samhain.  I love combining the two concepts (meaning the “new”, and what it has become, and the “old” ways).  I love this time of year.

I wrote some thoughts last year on the way some people tend to view Halloween and how it makes me feel.  I still feel a lot of that.

But in recent years, I have learned to use it as a real New Year’s Eve.  I want to make resolutions.  I want to put painful things behind me and move on from them, and there are many.  It’s a time of year that I like to burn grudges (literally and figuratively) and try to find in my heart forgiveness and peace.  I am choosing to let go of things that hurt me, and attempting to actively move on in a way that will allow me to heal.  I have learned a lot of tough lessons this year, about myself and people close to me, and I have consciously decided that no one can allow me to feel anything w/o my permission.  I have a right to feel what I feel and to my emotions, but I also have a responsibility to own those emotions, and recognize them.  First and foremost, when The Guy asks me how I am doing, “OK” will no longer be an appropriate answer.

And I will not allow others to make me feel bad or shameful b/c of who I am or how I feel.  They are my emotions and feelings.  Mine.  I choose to feel them and how to deal w/ them.  I will make no apologies for them.  I make no apologies for the person I am choosing to be.

I will not do this perfectly, b/c I am human.  I have let things hurt me for so long that I will stumble in this challenge.  I am OK w/ that.  I am allowed to make mistakes.  Professionals have editors.  I have the strength of the Goddess to guide me.

Samhain is a beautiful time of year, and special to me in many ways.  It is a private time for me when all the festivities associated w/ modern celebrations are over.  It is reflection and introspection, and time for me to commune.

I offer up some links of interest for your Halloween/Samhain reading interests.

This is an open thread.  Add your own thoughts or links.

ETA: Petulant has a great Halloween themed link round up.  Yay!  My favorite is how Halloween came to Germany just a few years ago!  Sweet or Sour!  I think The Guy will love the Zombie lore.

And have a beautiful and peaceful, and fun holiday.

Warmth and Blessings to you all!


Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger

Tip of the hat:


To Christian musician Ray Boltz, whose music I enjoyed during that chapter of my life now closed, for coming out happily gay.  It gives me great joy to see that someone can both be comfortable w/ themselves and love themselves and still find a closeness to their chosen deity.   (more…)

Mabon– The first of three Thanksgivings

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Hands down.  When I am living in a place w/ four distinct seasons I can actually smell it coming.  I love changing leaves, bonfire, the first chill in the air, layering my favorite clothes, and other things that I took for granted living in Michigan that despite my all encompassing love of Hawai’i I miss.  Hawai’i is not w/o it’s fall splendor (especially having a school aged child– Hello!  Pumpkin patch!), but I do miss jumping in piles of raked leaves and scarves and hoodies. (more…)

Monday Monty Python

I almost forgot it was Monday!



How shall we fuck off, Oh Lord?


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