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Hand Fasted and Heart Joined

DSC00287 (more…)



Voting officials check electronic voting machines at India’s recent general election.

The photo collection is amazing.  See the whole thing here.

Out and about in Seoul!


The Guy and I waiting for our lunch to finish cooking on the table in front of us (hence the giant bibs to keep us clean!).


Here’s the incredible meal!  I need to learn how to make that soup!

For more pictures and updates, go to BaCaW.

Say Yah to Da UP, Eh!

For Cecilia and Pido, as requested (and b/c Phy/Bob loves that foul white stuff!):

More travel blogging here!

For all the whiners

who had to fucking whine about objects for scale when I posted the really cool pics of my huge ass garden snail a couple of weeks ago, I have some more pictures. (more…)

This is why I walk on the sidewalk!

So I don’t, in all my clumsy glory, step on something cool like this!


This guy was just chillin’ out in the front lawn.  I had to grab my camera. (more…)

Some Random Photos

You can see more at Blessed and Cursed and Won.



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