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I want to live in her fantasy world…

Only on Planet Couler (via Crooks & Liars, click over there to watch the video):

O’Reilly: But every problem wouldn’t go away. The one thing that I would like to see the federal government do is strict oversight on the insurance companies when they hose people. I mean, I don’t think they should be throwing you, Ann Coulter, off the rolls if, God forbid, you get MS or something.

Coulter: That will not happen. But Bill, that will not happen under competition. Look — [Crosstalk] — no, no, let me make this point. No it will not. The government was regulating, the SEC was closely watching Bernie Madoff. Government regulation doesn’t stop that sort of thing. What stops it is, people knowing you’re investing with this guy at your own risk, and then all these private organization develop. Competition is what enforces that.

O’Reilly: Yeah, well, I don’t believe that. I think competition can drive the prices down, but it cannot make an insurance company honest. Only a federal oversight committee that says if you don’t do it, we fine you.

Coulter: Yes it can. Yes it can. Otherwise, what about the SEC with Bernie Madoff?

O’Reilly: No, Bernie Madoff got away with it because the SEC, under a Republican, Christopher Cox, simply wouldn’t investigate him. That’s why he got away with it.

Coulter: That’s the government regulation! Why do you keep thinking a different regulator will be better? Government regulation does not solve these problems, competition does.

Because if I belonged to a health-insurance company that threw me off when I got sick, people would hear about it. There would be magazine articles. And I don’t mean to be me, I mean people —

I don’t suppose she’s heard of a Congressman named Bart Stupak?  Who deals w/ insurance companies doing this very thing to literally thousands of people every day?  She is either a moron or intentionally obtuse.

I want whatever she’s drinking.


Things that bug me…

People who will apologize for swearing in front of my kid, but who have no problem throwing around words like “fag”, “faggot”, “faggalicious”, or use “gay” as a pejorative, and a slew of related terms.

Bonus points for grumbling, eye-rolling, and muttering at me under your breath when I point out that I don’t care for such hateful language to be used in front of my child because we prefer to teach her that all people matter and are worthy of respect.

Things that bug me…

Parents who sexualize the actions of their kids where the action itself has no sexual context.

For example, when their little boy hugs a little girl (we are talking toddlers here) and describe it as “pimpin'” or “working their magic”.

Or when their little girl gives a kiss to a little boy and say “she’s luring him in with her feminine wiles”.

Really, people?

I quit the world.

Yes, most children are in fact sexual beings, but that does not in fact make their actions sexual.

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