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Women in the Fight

Pearl Harbor Day is still on my mind…

This photograph is truly amazing. It is from this slideshow at Life.

Women fight a fire during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 07 December, 1941. They are of various race and ethnicity, including presumably Hawai'ian, various Asian, and possibly one white and one black woman.

Women rock.

I love this photo because of the diversity of women apparent in it, and what that means to me, on how women should come together as they fight.

We shouldn’t wait for the shit to hit the fat before we work together.

H/t to CatieCat


Nolite Umquam Oblivisci

A view of the U.S. Flag from the underside, as taken from the center of the Arizona Memorial, Hawai'i, against a bright blue sky and bright sunlight.

07 December, 1941


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