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Wednesday Whedon Moment

Some of you have been missing these.

We don’t have the access to posting videos that we used to, and I don’t have the patience to sift through the seemingly endless steaming piles of fanvids to provide you w/ visual fodder to continue w/ Wednesday Whedon in the usual fashion.

However, I think it is important that we critique the things that we enjoy to make sure that we understand what it is we enjoy, and to be careful of the things we are taking in.

Consider this an introduction.

This being the case w/ all things related to Whedon’s work, I want to continue w/ WWM, but in a different manner.  I want to begin a feminist critique of different elements of the Whedonverse, if you will forgive me, to provoke discussion.  Honestly, the Twilight posts are going so well, and the Roseanne posts have gone almost equally as well that I thought I would give this a try.

If you have something you want to discuss in Wednesday Whedon, email me at randombabble (at) mac (dot) com.  All valid requests will be taken into consideration w/ time and energy allowances.

First WWM post coming soon, providing I can get it finished tonight.


Very Cool

A quick hit b/c I have to run out the door now…

Smart Girls at the Party.

Amy Poehler, Full of Win!

Welcome Back, Little Ones!


To Alex Joseph (after my dad) and Deacon James* (after my brother), born this morning.  Everyone is fine and happy.

Thanks for all the thoughts from all over Bloglandia!

*As of right now, I am not sure I am spelling that right.  All I care about is potential snorgles!

A Book Without a Cover

is a blog by Adele Nieves, of Liquid Words Productions.

Adele is the first person who took my thoughts seriously in the blogging world, and gave me the first opportunity to write for an actual book (even though it wasn’t published).  I was excited to see the links to her site and blog in my email this morning.  You should check her out, b/c she is full of awesome and win (and I love to throw out the native Michigan love!).

Also, Adele, if you read this, I am coming back to Michigan in January, and wouldn’t mind getting in touch.  Thanks so much!

Thanks, Phy/Bob!

For linking to this blog!  Love it!


And today’s vlog post there was something I need to hear.

incredible things find their way to me…

watch it


read it.


love it.

thanks to Steven PQ for bringing to my attention.

apparently i have a rep for being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy junkie.

i think i will take that as a compliment.



new Grey’s Anatomy tonight!!1!!eleventyone!!1!


(not to be confused w/ Gray’s Anatomy)


think what you want.  everyone has their guilty pleasure, and Grey’s is mine!


so, no spoilers, but open thread!

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