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A Bird in a Cage

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus, a girl with long brown hair in a cantelope colored shirt and white pants. Text reads "How very kind of her to leave this large space for our insults".

Which is pretty much how I feel the world is treating her lately...

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(Note: This post contains a lot of links to YouTube videos. I apologize for that inconvenience. I iz tired.)

Well, she did it. Miley Cyrus has made her obligatory “I’m not a little Disney girl anymore” video. (Vimeo doesn’t allow the video to be shown on outside sites)

I watched it. I shamelessly admit the song is catchy, like her other non-Hannah Montana songs. She is coming dangerously close to “coming soon to a MRT” status. Dammit. As Sady and Amanda said at Tiger Beatdown, if she doesn’t want to wear pants, they can’t make her wear pants, or something to that effect that I agree with (down with pants!). Apologies for the loose paraphrase…it was hilarious.

This video is not some new concept. I liked it, but this coming of age idea was already done by plenty of formerly squeaky clean Disney kids before her who just had to say OOPS I AM NOT A KID!, I AM IN FACT A SEXUAL BEING! This is not a criticism of Miley Cyrus. I embrace the letting go of the Hannah Montana personae, and we have to know that eventually girls are going to become young women and that they are going to embrace and explore their sexuality, whether they are celebrities or not. And in the off chance that they are celebrities, they are probably going to do some of that a little bit publicly. I can’t help but notice that teen girls seem to need to emphasize this in their careers more so than teen boys. I don’t really remember Justin Timberlake making a sooper sexxay video out of nowhere and spouting his new found freedom to not wear pants.

Or that society expected it of him if he was going to fit into an industry that demanded he perform beauty, or that someday he might be shamed for losing that beauty.

I find it telling, also that a young woman breaking into the mainstream industry feels pressured to go from squeaky clean girl, AKA Disney Mouskateer, to sex symbol a la Christina Aguilera’s shift from her self named album to “Stripped”. One side of the coin we have the girl with the unique voice, the one who could hit the high note above C, who sang the theme from Mulan, and then we have her splashing around in chaps and getting dirrty! Not that either of those are notably bad. I, as a matter of fact, am a huge fan of both of those albums. Her vocals amaze me to this day, and shamefully I have not invested more money into updating my inventory (this is an ongoing project, there is just too much good music out there for me to keep up with and my taste is so varied!). But the point is, that as a woman in the pop industry moves up in her fame it seems that sex appeal is demanded, or at least that the pressure is there. The conventional beauty privilege is there among these women, and I can’t hardly fault them for playing the game.

So back to Cyrus. I am not surprised at all that she has taken this step, and to follow with her cliché, spread her wings in a most literal way. She has done what she has decided she needed to do to reinvent herself, distancing herself from that image that some parents want to push on their children. DON’T BE A BIT SLUT LIKE THAT BRITNEY GIRL! SEE THAT PRETTY GOD LOVIN’ HANNAH MONTANA! SEE HER! But as she says, “My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I’m still figuring that out for myself. So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That’s just life.” This is very true. Kids need a secure environment to make their own mistakes, and loving arms to comfort them when they do. No amount of pop culture is going to prevent that from happening.

The bigger truth is, that teen girls are not broken into two categories, Hannah Montanas or Newly Freed Sexxay Pantless Birds. They are teenagers who are young women (I am having trouble with interchanging “girls” and “women” because I am not even sure when I stopped using one and started using the other, and I hope I am not offending anyone) who are defining themselves, their interests, and yes, their sexualities and figuring that all out while discovering how their bodies work through all of this. If some parents are having trouble understanding that teens are sexual beings, I recommend some light reading, or maybe checking out Scarleteen, both are good resources. I wish that growing up in the industry didn’t make it feel as if these were ends of a spectrum as opposed to colors within it.

I feel I should re-emphasize, that I do not find anything wrong with Miley Cyrus performing beauty, performing her sexuality, or any other pop star who does or has done the same. I applaud those who feel comfortable doing so, especially among teens (and more so for those who are open about being safe about their sexual choices as well). If I am not mistaken there was not a straight up hetero-centered message here either, although admittedly I didn’t watch ultra closely. Sexuality is a normal part of growing up, and I know that I have all these wacky notions about teenagers being people and having thoughts and feelings and all, and how they should have rights to explore their sexualities with each other in consenting situation…and that a good number of people will disagree with me.

So, Miley, keep rockin’ with yourself. Please, make more videos. Don’t wear pants if you don’t want to…Ceiling Cat knows I don’t many days. Oh, how I wish that it could be that a young woman could break away from a child like persona in the music industry without feeling that she has to hatch from a shell into her sexuality so publicly.


Monday Random Ten

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Nothing like a long weekend to keep you busy!

I hope you had some time to slow down and reflect upon and celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remember that his life didn’t just mean a day off and extra time to screw around.

Let’s have some music for your Monday, however you have spent it.

You know what to do: Turn on your iPod, iTunes or other music gadget, and list the first ten songs that come up.

We recently added some new stuff from a recent outing to one of the local music stores where The Guy picked up some CDs, and I finally got around to uploading them into the external.

So, without further ado:

  1. Multiply — Jamie Lidell
  2. I Am Somebody — Santana Feat. Will.I.Am
  3. Somebody to Love — Queen
  4. Super Trouper — Mama Mia! (Korean Cast Recording)
  5. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) — Christina Aguilera
  6. Animals — Nickeback
  7. Again and Again — The Bird and the Bee
  8. Miss Independent — Kelly Clarkson
  9. Angel Main Theme (The Sanctuary Extended Remix  — Darling Violetta
  10. Zero — Smashing Pumpkins

Bonus Video:

Kelly Clarkson, Miss Independent AOL Live Session. I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson. I am talking some major girl crushage here. Kelly, if you vanity Google, and come across this post, please come to Korea and do a USO show, and invite me to meet you back stage! I will cook you a most delicious meal for you and your whole band! That woman has some pipes, and she sings w/ a little bit of grit. Love *swoon* *lessthanthree*


Video Description: Shots of the band playing interspersed with Kelly Clarkson singing the song “Miss Independent”.

Lyrics After the Jump. (more…)

Monday Random Ten

The “curses in all the right places” edition.

  1. Dirrty — Christina Aguilera feat. Redman
  2. Dearest — Buddy Holly
  3. Nobody — The Wonder Girls
  4. The Fray — How to Save a Life
  5. We Are The Champions — Queen
  6. Pink — Aerosmith
  7. Superstar — Sonic Youth
  8. Bad Romance — Lady Gaga
  9. Broken — Seether feat. Amy Lee
  10. Clones (We’re All) — Smashing Pumpkins

Bonus Video: The Wondergirl — Nobody

(Video description)

English Translation:

You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change. (saranghae)

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody, nobody nobody

Why are you trying to, to make me leave ya
I know what you’re thinking
Baby why aren’t you listening
How can I just Just love someone else and
Forget you completely When I know you still love me

Telling me you’re not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know it’s not right so
Just stop and come back boy
How can this be When we were meant to be

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why can’t we just, just be like this
Cause it’s you that i need and nothing else until the end
Who else can ever make me feel the way I
I feel when I’m with you, no one will ever do

Telling me you’re not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know me enough so you know what I need boy
Right next to you is where I need to be

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don’t want no body, body I don’t want no body, body

Honey you know it’s you that I want, It’s you that I need Why can’t you see~

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Nothing else matters other than you and me
So tell me why can’t it be please let me live my life my way why do you push me away
I don’t want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you

Monday Random Ten

funny pictures of cats with captions
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It is time for some tunes to get your week rolling. This weekend was restful and productive… and Kid and I finished it off w/ a mani-pedi set, just like the feminism ruining team we are. *snerk* I also got an eyebrow wax, so THERE!

On with the Show!

  1. Tire Swing — Kimya Dawson
  2. Song Beneath the Song — Maria Taylor
  3. Infatuation — Christina Aguilera
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy — Alice Cooper
  5. 죽도록 사랑해 2 (Love You ‘Till Death 2) — MC 몽 (Mong) Feat. 조성모 (Jo Sung Mo)
  6. Faithfully — Journey
  7. Santana Feat. Michelle Branch — The Game of Love
  8. Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) — Aerosmith
  9. Inside Out — Eve 6
  10. Eternal Flame — The Bangles

Kind of a soft list this week (and cheater Cecelia got to see most of it because she is on my Skype contacts! :P ), but that’s OK. I think Alice Cooper is especially fitting to my mood at the moment.

How about a bonus video?


Ear Candy — All Nostalgia All the Time

The Wonder Girls were on SYTYCD, so I hear, or see, since Angry Asian Man was so cool enough to post this video.

Love this song.


Call him Mr. Farenheit

If, indeed, as the rumors say, Queen has talked to Adam Lambert about performing w/ them, I, for one, will be over the moon.

I have never actually watched American Idol.  I don’t really like reality TV (sometimes life is enough reality, TYVM).  But this season some people (Renee being the first) sent me clips of Lambert performing.  He blew me away, and one of the first things I thought was “OMG!  He reminds me of Freddie Mercury!”.  He is destined for legend and is a performer, through and through.

I hope the rumors are indeed true, but I also hope that Lambert fleshes out his own way, does his own thing.  I hope he shows everyone everywhere that he is made of Rocketsauce.  I want to see him perform w/ Queen, for reals and not just on Idol, but I don’t want to see him tied to it exclusively.

Pay attention, b/c he is indeed gonna burn up through the sky.

Just my humble two cents.

When it’s quiet…

When The Guy is at work and The Kid is asleep, my house is too quiet to allow me to sleep, and that is providing I am sleepy to begin w/.

Usually, some tidbit of something that is popular in Korea is running though my head, often times despite myself.

So, since I can’t get this out of my head (I blame The Guy for playing it repeatedly), I now earworm you all!

Just try to keep it from getting stuck!  LOL.

Enjoy Girls’ Generation!

I am not kidding, it is on just about every show I watch!

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