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Oh, and You Were So Close!

I toyed w/ letting this troll through again until this popped up:


The lack of freedom of expression on your blog makes it mental masturbation.  Save time and energy.  Just talk to yourself.  You’ll never have disagreements!


Now, they are just boring, and apparently can not read.

Here’s a lesson for you trolls out there.  You can disagree, but you must adhere to the rules.  It is OK to criticize something and use logical reasoning to do it.  It is not OK to criticize something and only have a comparison to something that is extremely serious and not to be used lightly as an argument.  Believe it or not, Readerland, one can actually criticize something w/o being so completely offensive and condescending.

We would not have these issues if people bothered to read the Comment Policy.  But someone has a burr under their tail about a personal experience making them the world’s foremost expert on the topic.  Sorry, there is no Constitutional Free Speech here.  Go monger your hate elsewhere.

Comparing marriage to slavery is not OK here.  Criticizing the way marriage and divorce is regulated is OK, marriage is treated like a privilege and divorce is too hard to get.  Slavery is a horrible crime that has hurt and killed countless people for far too long, and it still goes on today.  This is akin to throwing around the word rape lightly and using it to make any argument you like, such as saying “all heterosexual sex is rape regardless of consent”.  That abuses the term rape, and makes a topic that is already not taken seriously harder to fight.

If people wanted to discuss why marriage is a privilege, or why divorce is too hard to get, or alternatives, like taking religion out of it, and allowing things like the option of getting out w/in a year and a day like in Handfasting, then I am game.  There are plenty of productive conversations to be had here, but you chose to go the other way.

Now, excuse me, I have some mental masturbating to do, it seems.  Wonder if that would have the same effect…


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