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Obligatory NIIAW Post*…

Shamelessly stolen from Annaham

I agree, also, w/ her sentiment…Awareness isn’t enough.  Take that w/ as much salt as you need to digest. (more…)


Me, Morally and Politically

Thanks to RQ for passing this test on.  Some of the questions were a little tough for my overthinking brain (which is what makes me a bad test taker, that and linguistically speaking I break things down too much), and I would have preferred a “neutral” option…but this was pretty close.  ETA:  Apologies that the pics are so small and hard to read.  I couldn’t get them bigger!

Picture 4For a comparison, here is the breakdown of some well known people on the same grid: (more…)

You Peeps have got to see this!

I had WAY too much fun making it for you to not see it!

And I can’t embed flashes here…so you MUST CLICK THE LINK!!!1!

But don’t spit things onto your keyboad…you have been warned.

Meme be Damned…

It’s a good thing I adore Renee.  ;)  Two memes!?!

All kidding aside I enjoy memes occasionally.  I think they are fun.  So, here goes.


6 Things About Me.


Still at the Picnic…need your help!

Join our picnic! We could use some fresh meat. So far we’ve got the following:


Interactive Zombie Picnic!

Alright so, here’s the deal. We are all going on a trip. OK really we are being forced on a trip because we are being chased by zombies. An outbreak has occurred and I need to know what we are going to bring. A-Z and you can’t post right after yourself (feel free to post as many times as you want). (more…)

The Intertubes are Fooled!

Via Zakstar, there is a program at Mike on Ads that supposedly can determine your gender based on your browser history.  I couldn’t help myself I had to try it out.  I was greatly amused w/ the results!


Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 40% 
Likelihood of you being MALE is 60%

Site Male-Female Ratio
msn.com 0.92
myspace.com 0.74
youtube.com 1
wikipedia.org 1.08
facebook.com 0.83
photobucket.com 0.85
paypal.com 1.04
blogger.com 1.06
imdb.com 1.06
wordpress.com 0.98
flickr.com 1.15
fandango.com 0.82
snopes.com 0.74
mac.com 0.9
bbc.co.uk 1.44
ning.com 1.15
hotmail.com 0.83
stumbleupon.com 1.15
icanhascheezburger.com 1.04
theonion.com 1.2
alternet.org 1.53
honoluluadvertiser.com 1.04
starbulletin.com 1.25 

I guess my girl brain reads too damned much.  Go give it a try.  I am interested to know how many of you can fool it.


Like I said, I hate being pigeonholed.  :lol:


Fuck the gender binary.

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