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another h/t for today

h/t to Shakesville

best line ever: “i have the entire christian right in my vagina”. :lol:


tip of the hat/ wag of the finger*


tip of the hat:

rock the fuck on, California! (more…)

what she fucking said….

i may not be part of the LGBTQ community, only an ally, but this guest post at Shakesville by Sarah in Chicago got the good ol’ *blub* response from me.


it isn’t just a line in the sand.  it isn’t simply a matter of opinion.  this is an issue of people’s fucking lives.  human fucking beings.  it isn’t a matter of seeing the other side and respecting it.  it is respecting people’s lives, people who have nothing nothing wrong but love someone else.

please, if you read no other post i have written today follow the link (it takes barely a wrist movement) and read her full post.

and really think about it.

i never expected

that this post i made in an angry rant on myspace would get such positive feedback. i didn’t post it here, i figured it was kind of a “well, DUH” sort of thing…but i wanted to share.

and thanks to the people who asked if they could post it themselves, and pass it on. i received positive comments on it from some pretty unexpected places.

on 13 April, i wrote: (more…)

i still don’t get it, but it’s funny…

i have never heard of this until today, and apparently, the Guy tells me that the Mets were “rick rolled” today.

but in my research to find out what the fuck that in fact, is, i came across this great video, where the Westboro church (ya know, the “God hates fags” church), gets “rick rolled”.  so, even though until this moment i had no idea why that was funny (and still don’t “get it”, to be honest, i mean, can you get New Kids rolled?), i found this video amusing enough for a post.


all i have to say is, god loves mohawks.



dealing w/ my own privilege

is something i am struggling w/. a lot. it is giving me great pain and great mental grief as i struggle w/ how to deal w/ it. i have owned it, mostly, i think. i see that i have it, that i have benefit from it, and that has left me wondering…

where the fuck do i go from here? (more…)

one thing that has managed equality

it’s the criticizing of parents.


it doesn’t matter where we go, what the issue is, how old we are, when we see something we don’t agree w/ we feel entitled, hell, even obligated, to criticize parents and the job they are doing w/ their children.


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