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More Open Letter Links

Or, in other words, these feminists speak for me.

Letters and link round-ups are popping up (I almost had an unfortunate typo there) all over Bloglandia since this one that I mentioned the other day.  I would like to direct you to two more that I think are noteworthy.


There is more to the feminist movement than fighting for the rights of white women. Feminism is more than allowing your or your commenters’ racial, economic, heterosexual, and able-bodied privilege to go totally unchecked. If you are so committed to “intersectionality,” as you have claimed several times, where is it? True efforts toward inclusivity and intersectionality constitute more than simply talking about those things, or throwing around whatever blogular buzzword is currently hot, or thinking that droppin’ those terms like they are on fire will suffice. There is an enormous chasm of difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it.

There is no gentle way to say this, Feministing.com: You do not speak for me, and I’m not sure that you ever will. I want to give you a chance, but until you actually start to make changes instead of alternately talking about making them and ignoring those of us who have asked you to, it is going to be difficult for me to hold out any hope.

You’ve already made it clear that I am not like you; apparently, neither are the people who have asked you, time and time again, to take what they have to say seriously, and to make changes accordingly.

You have also made it clear that there is no room for people like me in your version of “fun” feminism. There is no room in your world for my brothers and sisters: feminists and womanists of color, feminists with disabilities, working class feminists, fat feminists, queer and LGBTI feminists, asexual feminists, older feminists, or trans folk.

I understand. Boy, do I understand.

The whole thing is here.


And if you aren’t all-in, for helping ALL of me, you are therefore declaring that you are only interested in helping ABLED WOMEN. You can cut out this bullshit about being “feminist,” as though you are working on behalf of “women.” Because you aren’t, at that point, working on the basis of gender: you are working on the basis of women with a certain ability status. Period.

And I am sick and fucking tired of having to explain this to the likes of all of you. If you are not there to help me in the problems I face because of my disability, you are not helping me as a woman. I am a whole person, not fragmented little bits. You have to help all of me to help any of me.

The whole thing is here.  And annotated.

Please stop over and cosign their letters.  It is vital that we present ourselves as a unified front.

Please feel free to drop your links to your own open letters/link round-ups here.


Dear Military Spouse Magazine…

If in fact your magazine is for military spouses, and not just military wives, it would be nice to see some more cover time and article time from military husbands.  I know they exist.  Since your magazine is in fact called Military Spouse, not Military Wife.  Let’s work on that.

I am sure that the support system you are tying to create, and apparently successfully so, would appeal to military husbands and military Stay at Home Dads, especially if it is a new situation for them.  Could we get the occasional husband on the cover, too, please? (more…)

Dear M. Night Shyamalan


In your production of The Last Airbender, a film adaptation of Avatar, what may be my favorite cartoon of all time, and arguably the best thing Nickelodeon has ever had the good sense to attach its name to, would it have been too much trouble to have the characters tell the stories of an alternate Asian history cast as, oh I dunno, maybe Asian people?



Dear Cosmo


I don’t really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of my “orgasm face”.  The last time I checked, it is a part of how good I am feeling.  I don’t need to be fucking distracted by what someone else is thinking when I am trying to get off, thank-you very much.  It isn’t for anyone else to enjoy or ponder, and I don’t need their fucking approval.

Also, “Sexy vs Skanky”?  Stay classy, Cosmo, stay classy.



Dear Shonda Rhimes and ABC

Please stop destroying Izzy Stevens.

She is my favorite character, and she started out kick ass.  She overcame a lot to become a surgeon, but every time she makes a step forward you write some emotional bullshit meant to derail her into embarrassment. 

This new story arc w/ Denny’s ghost appearing to her as real has got to stop.  This is not going to end well.

Stop fucking w/ Izzy.  Bring back Rockstar Izzy.


Dear Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama

I need to see more of THIS.  Now that is a clear stance I am wanting to see.  If we could just get you to take this kind of stance on Women’s issues…I need more than “some control” if you want my vote.

Paint me not yet convinced.



Dear Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

I would like to take a moment of your time to ask you a huge favor.  If, as I read on sites like Alternet, you really have Senator Obama’s ear, I would like to ask your help in getting him on board w/ all women’s issues.

If Senator Obama is hoping to stand in solidarity and unison w/ you, and if he is looking for your support to help sway your voters to become his voters, then I beg you, help him see what he needs to do to earn their votes. (more…)

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