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Something New

Randomly (natch) The Guy asked me after dinner if he could do a regular segment here at Random Babble.  I am always looking for new good material and fun co-Babblers, and I think regular segments are a fun thing to have on blogs (b/c I have OCD and like things orderly).  It was so unsolicited and cool sounding, and right up my nerd alley that I couldn’t resist.  The Guy has achieved notoriety here, so I will let him introduce himself to you all as he sees fit.  You should see his first post tomorrow.  Perhaps I can persuade him to do other things occasionally and maybe we can provoke him into conversation sometime.


He is a master of all things gamer-dork related, and he has fully embraced his inner nerd.  I will state for the record, however, that he is SO not the DM of me!


So, w/o further ado…


under construction…

if you have been having trouble finding me lately it is b/c i am settling into my new home here at WordPress.  i loved the ease that my iWeb publisher, but there are a lot of options that i have here that i didn’t there… (more…)

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