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Today is Two-fold Special!

1)  The Kid comes home from her summer abroad!  Yay!  *SQUEEE*  We have a fun filled family vacation planned for the next week.  I am trying to do some pre-arranged scheduled posts to allow for maximum snuggle and fun time!

2)  Today is the 88th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, securing the right to vote for women.  Ladies, get off your asses and go REGISTER TO VOTE in celebration!  (Gents, too!)  Now I just need someone worth voting for *Paging Hillary Clinton*.  (PS, Obama, might be an opportunity to step up to the Democratic plate and flex your progressive muscles, but I am not holding my breath).


OYD Out!


I will leave to you which one of these events matters more to you today.


A Random Thought

I understand the disgust over exploitation of women in exchange for exploitation of animals.  I personally do not equate animal rights w/ women’s rights, but I acknowledge that some feminists/womanists do.  I do try my best to give animals the dignity and respect that I believe we owe to them.

But I am trying to wrap my head around the ire aimed at the women who voluntarily put themselves in PETA ads.  In the same way that I support women who want to work in the porn or sex work industry* b/c it is their choice, shouldn’t we also support their choice to use their bodies for that purpose?  How is it less of a valid choice to expose yourself for the titillation (pun intended) of men (or women), but not to support a cause you believe in? (more…)

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