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Housekeeping Note

About a month or so ago I made my Twitter feed private. It is just something that I felt I needed to do for me. My Twitter life has been much more enjoyable since then.

What I didn’t realize was that the widget that I used on WordPress would replace my live tweets with generic tweets…

I don’t routinely scroll down that far on the blog (as is apparent by my blogroll, which has been neglected for quite some time), so I didn’t see the tweets that were put in as place holders.

They were awful.

The widget has been removed from my sidebar.

I apologize to anyone who was offended or triggered by those tweets.

Also, if you are requesting to follow me on Twitter, and I don’t know who you are and you have protected tweets yourself you may want to send me a tweet ahead of time letting me know. I routinely delete requests from people who don’t have a webpage with info listed in their bio.



blog note…

I have been getting a LOT of spam in my Askimet filter lately…over 150 a day.


It is way too much for me to sift through, so I usually just delete it.

If you have a comment that you believe may have been eaten by my very hungry Askimet filter, please email me at randombabble (at) mac (dot) com and I will see what I can do.


Also (and apologies to BSR b/c he did this once and I totally whiffed on it) if you have something that you think is worthy of my attention and spoons to blog about, email me.

If you want to submit a guest post that is keeping w/ the spirit of Random Babble… then feel free to do the same.  I can’t guarantee that they will all get covered, or that I won’t use a heavy dose of snark (but you know me!), but if it works then you will see it here.



I added some new stuff to the side bar.  Check them out.  *pssst!  they’re over here! ——–>

I Have Highbrow Spam!

I just cleared two comments from my spam filter in Russian.  Now, I really have no way of knowing if it is in fact spam and not an actual comment, since I get several hits a day from Russia, but since I neither read nor have a translator for Russian, I have no choice.


What is some of the best spam you have filtered?  And does anyone else seem to notice their spam comes in cycles, IE, all viagara sites one day, porn the next, online poker the next…just curious.

As an off topic aside I think I am going to start a “you googled what to find me?” weekly post.  Some of them are just too great.

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