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Twice in Three Days is My Limit…


So last night about 8 The Kid starts to do a pretty impressive impression of that little girl from The Exorcist.

Normally I don’t mind vomit, as I often brag about my vampire like reflexes which allow me to usually prevent it from hitting the ground.

But I am not as mobile w/ these fucking crutches as I’d like to be.

So, she was vomiting, and I was trying to clean it up from around the toilet, get her new pajamas since the ones she had on weren’t going to make it, keep her hair back, and not fall down off of the crutches.  Good times. (more…)


Always brush your teeth b/f you leave the house…

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Do you ever find yourself running late to do something, only to realize you have forgotten to do some personal hygiene routine or the other?  You think to yourself “It’s OK, I’ll only be gone a few minutes, no one will notice”.  Did anyone else’s mother ever tell them that you should always wear clean underwear when you go out in case you are in an accident?  I always thought that was such morbid advice to give, b/c if I was in an accident the last thing I would care about is what the paramedics and docs think of my underwear.

The Guy was very sneaky this morning, getting The Kid up and off to the school bus w/o my ever waking up.  I got to sleep in until 10 today, which is something I am extremely grateful for.  Having been spoiled by having him on shore duty and day shifts for about a year, I am not quite accustomed to not having him home at night when we go to bed.  We have an unspoken understanding that we go to bed together.  It was actually advice that my Papa gave me when we were married.  I usually get up when he does, and start my day, b/c it is the same time I need to get The Kid up.  Sleeping in is a luxury. (more…)

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