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AIDS walk report

it was SO much fun!


really, the walk was around the park in Waikiki, and it was flat ground, casual pace, lots of families (kids, strollers, radio flyers), and good conversation w/ good friends.  i am so glad i did this!  i admit that i am a bit tired now, but it was such a great time.  tho the Kid did get a little whiney at the end, she got to hang out and walk w/ a friend of hers that she went to Pre-school w/, and who is going to her school next fall, so that was fun for them.  we (myself, and the other kid’s dad) got to explain to the Kid why the people were cheering for us for just walking around the park!  she was all “so, just by walking, i am helping people who are really sick and can’t get better just w/ their own bodies?”, and i was a little bit proud of her for going along w/ the whole thing.

i hadn’t originally planned on taking her, not knowing myself what it was going to be like, but my friend told me that there were lots of kids, and that our friends were bringing their girl that the Kid was already friends w/.  it was really cool having her there and involved in something like this.  i didn’t plan on it, but it turned out to be a great opportunity to teach her a little about social responsibility and helping others.  we also explained the basics of how AIDS can make it hard for your body to recover from things like colds, which we take for granted.

can i just say, i love my Kid?

mahalo for all the support you all gave!  i am so glad i did this.  maybe next year i will be ready for some of the cancer walks too, though i think i may never be up for the three day deal that they have for breast cancer.  it really felt great to get out, and it was such a great time!

malama pono!


last chance!

to support me in the Honolulu AIDS Walk tomorrow!

it’s going to be a lot of fun, since i am walking w/ a lot of really really cool people!

if you can’t support financially i am more than happy to accept well wishes, i am a little nervous about how my body will respond to so much walking, but i am feeling pretty good these last few days.

thanks to those of you who already have given your support!

AIDS walk 2008

just taking a moment again to mention that i am participating in this year’s AIDS walk in Honolulu.


if you are interested in information about the event, or would be interested in sponsoring me, my personal site for the event is here.


if not, please just think happy thoughts for my legs and body in general on 20 April!  i will be walking w/ some kick ass people that i used to work w/, including my former boss, who is going to be 28 weeks pregnant for it, and will amuse me w/ her waddling!

world AIDS day


smack dab in the middle of the 16 days to end VAW comes world AIDS day.  statistics lead experts to believe that AIDS is on the rise in the US, and world wide as well.  i don’t have much of a scope for opinion on this one.  we, as a country desperately need to do more to educate young men and women about AIDS, and teach them how to protect themselves.  we need to stop pushing abstinence on ourselves and the world, since it doesn’

t work.  at all.

but i can’t help but think that people blame AIDS victims.  i remember as a girl, my mom had a boyfriend, and he had a gay brother, who was pretty much a jerk, but his boyfriend was pretty awesome.  however, he had AIDS.  i was almost 14, and it was my first encounter w/ either a homosexual person and w/ AIDS.  we had known him almost two years when his health took a devastating turn, and he slowly died before our eyes.  even as a girl, too young and naive in the world to understand things fully, i remember asking him be put on our prayer list at church.  they obliged me, but i very clearly remember the disapproving looks, and out right lack of condolences for our grief at all.  one of my “friends” even sniggered when i made the request of my sunday school teacher.  yeah, looking back my life choices have made complete sense.  the point is that this guy was a person in my life.  he was someone we had grown to care about, and while i didn’

t understand fully the impact of him having AIDS, i know how it felt that no one seemed sorry he was dying.  and that was unforgivable to me.

so, take it for what it’

s worth.

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