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Say Yah to Da UP, Eh!

For Cecilia and Pido, as requested (and b/c Phy/Bob loves that foul white stuff!):

More travel blogging here!


More travel blogging!


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Ear Candy–All Nostalgia All the Time

Greetings from The Land of the Morning Calm!  안녕하세요!


While I am uploading almost 500 pictures from our trip, and trying to get all my dashboards and social network things back into English (all my adverts are in Korean also, but I find that amusing!), please enjoy this blast from the past, and my personal favorite En Vogue song EVAH!!1!!

An Update from the Road!

We returned from Michigan’s beautiful UP today.  I didn’t have any internet access while we were there, so we are just getting online tonight.

I have a ton of pictures to upload that I don’t believe I will get to until we are in Korea, which will be soon.

As for tonight?

Well, we had a nice evening in Detroit.  All I can say is, that w/ 38 seconds left, a tied score, and a Detroit power play, it would be the perfect time for The Kid to decide that she needs to go to the bathroom NOW (we made her wait).

I have wanted to see a Wings game my whole life, having been a Detroit fan from the days on my dad’s knee and beyond, and The Guy treated us to one tonight.  I heard from the guys behind us that someone texted them to tell them they were on TV, which I guess means that we were on TV too.  A guy came by and took our picture, which will be up on the team’s fan website tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to upload my own pictures (I have taken almost 400 pictures this trip!).   We are anxiously waiting until we can find footage to see if we can see ourselves!  Some people dream big, but I just always wanted to go to the Joe Louis Arena for a home game.

I have a lot of beautiful pictures from Da UP, and some great new ones of Teh Cutest Nephews Evah!  It was so great to see my family after so long, and to have them meet and adore The Guy as much as I do.  This is their first time meeting him, and I swear that he and my Papa are cut from the same cloth.  The Guy also had his first pasty (paaah-steee, not pay-stee), and his first whitefish dinner.  Once we crack that Mackinac Island Fudge, he will be all broken in.

My other Grandma, on my dad’s side, just celebrated her 87th birthday this week, and was still cussing at the Wings for that bit of a losing streak they had.  I haven’t seen her in longer, and it is good to see that she is still doing well, even if she doesn’t get out and around much.

Can’t wait to give you all a better update!  Tomorrow we are taking The Kid to a cool gaming place in Ann Arbor that has lots of computers so we can get our WoW on as a great big family.  We got her an account of her very own finally, and she is over the moon about it.  I have got to get a picture of the most insane and delicous crepes evah!

Hope you are all doing well!   Want to hear from you all!

*heh-hem* Is this thing on?




Soju smells like rubbing alcohol*.

It doesn’t taste much different.

But I think I might be able to like it one day.

Korea, ready or not…


*The bottle in the picture on Wiki is the exact one we just had.

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