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I haven’t been poked w/ sharp things in about four months…

so off I go to Pearl Harbor to have more labs done today.

I was supposed to do this Monday, but apparently it was more important for my stomach to asplode and for me to spend the day crapping instead.

I fucking hate fasting blood tests.

And there was much rejoicing…


The wonders of patient care…

Yesterday I am pretty sure that the doctor I met for the first time is the fifth Primary Care Manager I have been assigned in the last three years, and I have seen at least three doctors who were not my PCM out of necessity during that time.  During that same period of time I have also seen two Psychologists and one Psychiatrist, two Neurologists, a Rheumatologist, a combination Chiropractor/Kinesiologist, Physical therapist, and a number of doctors as part of a team in a Chronic Pain Clinic.

But as far as PCMs go I see the same one maybe twice before being shuffled off to another doctor.

When I met Dr. W yesterday, the first thing he told me is that he doesn’t really treat chronic pain patients, but from looking at my record he could tell that wouldn’t be new information to me.  He can tell from my record that I am frequently shuffled from provider to provider.  He said it looks to him as though I am being shuffled on purpose to make me look like a drug seeker, which is funny, b/c I will rarely allow a doctor to give me narcotic pain medication.  Normally I will tough through it as best as I can, much to the dismay of my loved ones.  I am not surprised by this information, b/c the last doctor I went to desperately in need of help did in fact treat me like a drug seeker, only to apologize to me later.  Dr. W felt sorry for me, seeing that I can’t seem to get constant care.  He wanted to know why I wasn’t in the Pain Clinic, which I informed him is only for active duty personnel, and I am no longer that.  He wanted to know why I wasn’t in physical therapy, and when I explained that all the other doctors seem to want to pump me full of anti depressants and shuffle me off to Psych, he said that made sense, and that he was sorry.

Then he listened.

He listened when I told him there is nothing wrong w/ my mood, except that being in pain all the time pisses me off, but that I don’t see any benefit from anti depressant therapy, so I am disinclined to continue that course.  He understood.

So, we are back at square one w/ meds for migraines (actually, yay!), labs (oh how I love labs), and a promise to follow up in a week.  Oh, and I get to go see the same Rheumatologist who told me I have fibromyalgia but who made sure to not put it in my Navy med board so that I couldn’t get any benefit from the Navy for it.

So here we go again.  The only difference is that this time, I seem to have a doc who will listen.

I am not holding my breath.

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