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Feminism Goes Too Far?

cross posted at Shakesville! 

Hi Shakers!!!1!!one!

I suffer from insomnia, so when I was reading the news last night instead of staring at the ceiling I came across an article in the Detroit Free Press online (I still keep up w/ news in my home state from 6000 miles away), freep.com, and while I was bleary eyed and trying to write a coherent response to it, I decided that maybe someone better should do it, w/ more readership, and I emailed the link to Liss.

She was so not going to let me off the hook.  Instead, she asked if I was interested in guest blogging at Shakesville, which honestly hadn’t occurred to me.  The idea made me *squee* so hard that I almost wet myself.  Then I looked at my post, and thought “Crap, someone might actually read this”.  So I toiled a little more, hoping to bring to Shakers something worthy of the reputation that Shakesville so deserves.  To say I am feeling pretty special and lucky right now is not accurate.   

So, here goes.



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