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400_greysanatomy_cast_070911_abc_bdamicoSEASON FINALE!!!1!1!1ONE!

Please, for the love of everything sacred, please no one tell me if Izzy lives or dies.  I can’t take it.  It will determine if I am able to watch again next season.

Feel free, however, to leave me nasty teasers about the season finale, keeping in mind that due to time zones and lack of viable dependable access I will not be able to watch for DAYS!

See if I don’t drop the banhammer for telling me!*  See if I don’t!

It will most displease me if she dies.  With out a doubt.  I hate to see actresses get punished for actually having opinions and rational thought in their pretty heads.  It’s like the EW interview said, it’s good to know that there is a brain in there.  It just runs along the meme of how women are treated in Hollywood.

Anyhow, the rest of you, please enjoy, and discuss amongst yourselves.


*Unless, of course, I beg.  Sometimes I am shameless.


ETA: Ausiello has an exclusive interview w/ Shonda Rhimes.  All I can say is that commenters are ass holes.  If you don’t like a show, you stop watching.  No need for nasty, gendered, misogynistic slurs.  She is a show writer, and you’re not.  Deal w/ it.

And, I think it is time people realized that if you speak your mind in an ambush of an interview it isn’t “trash talking” the writers.  I love how things get twisted, just like the above linked EW story about Heigl says.  Wev, people.




I mean it Shonda, I don’t like this whole dead Denny torturing Izzy thing…this had best be going somewhere…and soon!



Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I swear to twelve gods and nine hells that there had best be a good explanation for Izzy thinking she is actually having sex w/ Denny.

And for alienating Alex after all this time.





Perhaps I will get to watch it tonight and will be around for chatting.

Do you skype?  I do.  I’ll be around!





For all you mainlanders and beyond, I will not be interacting until I get to watch it!

But have at it!




TWO HOUR season finale!!!


will Derek and Mer finally save a patient?

is Christina gonna snap out of whatever funk she has been written into?

are they ever going to be fair to Izzy?  (writers!  wake up!)

what is going on w/ Ava/Rebecca?

oy w/ the poodles already i can hardly stand it!


oh, yeah…and when do i say good bye to Rose?



Grey’s Anatomy (still not to be confused w/ Gray’s Anatomy, or Gray’s Anatomy which are not the same thing) open thread.


i NEED resolution, dammit!


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