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Sharing the love

If you read here a lot, and enjoy the links I not so infrequently drop to Shakesville, that haven in the shitstorm of things that don’t make sense, please consider swinging over there and showing some love, in comments or otherwise.  Our blogmistress is a damn fine human being, which, to horribly paraphrase her own words, is a statement which is so simple it is inversely proportionate to the awesomeness that it is meant to convey.

She has inspired me, and there are times that I have read her writing that I have felt like she was speaking to me personally (in a totally not creepy way).  When people we appreciate need us, we should do our damnedest to reach out to them.  ‘Liss fights the good fight, armed w/ a huge fucking teaspoon in an ocean of carelessness.  What she does is changing lives and doing that Great Big Thing I believe in, making this planet a better place for those on it and the world a better place for those in it.

While I appreciate her need for time away from Shakesville last week, it was a serious void in my life.  I am glad to have her back.

Go show her your love.  She is far beyond worthy of it.


A Book Without a Cover

is a blog by Adele Nieves, of Liquid Words Productions.

Adele is the first person who took my thoughts seriously in the blogging world, and gave me the first opportunity to write for an actual book (even though it wasn’t published).  I was excited to see the links to her site and blog in my email this morning.  You should check her out, b/c she is full of awesome and win (and I love to throw out the native Michigan love!).

Also, Adele, if you read this, I am coming back to Michigan in January, and wouldn’t mind getting in touch.  Thanks so much!

Mama Mia!

I was a little bummed today from being in a lot of pain, despite it being my Blogoversary (BTW, thanks for all the cheer!), and since I spent a good deal of time couch bound continuing in what the Guy calls the “Friends marathon of death” (all ten seasons in under three weeks), he took me to see Mama Mia! tonight!

I can not type this enough, I LOVED it! (more…)

Ear Candy– All Nostalgia All the Time

Two of the most unique voices in music (IMHO).

I *love* Tina Turner, she just rocked and moved so amazingly.  I used to try to dance like her when I was younger, and while some will tell you I have legs that run all the way up to heaven and past Avalon, I never had Tina Turner’s legs.  And I can barely walk in high heels, let alone move like that!

And Cher…sue me…I love Cher.  I love her voice, and I love most of her music.  I like to belt out Cher while I am driving, and the Kid likes to sing “I Got You, Babe” w/ me in the car.


Tip of the Hat/ Wag of the Finger

Time for another round.  See the first here. (more…)

Wednesday Whedon Moment

This one is for Tobes.  Actually, it’s for all of us.


I am one of those totally dorky people who becomes so invested in a TV show character that she has spent years watching grow that she will cry at certain moments in that show.  This scene in the final episode of BtVS made me blub.  Completely and totally w/ snot pouring down my face blub.

To me it says a lot more than a bunch of girls getting supernatural powers.  It is a message that speaks beyond the pop culture and right to the heart of all women everywhere.

To you who think that Whedon isn’t a feminist, you have missed the fucking mark.  You have not been paying attention.  It’s called seeing past the pop culture and using your brain and seeing what the fuck he is trying to accomplish.  Joss Whedon gave us the first true female heroine on television in pop culture.  I know we had Wonder Woman, the bionic woman and such…but Buffy was the first girl who was like us.  Whedon gave us this girl, this person who looked like us and gave her the ability to not only not lay down and cry waiting to be rescued but to kick a little ass and do the rescuing herself.  Regardless of what SMG might say off camera, Buffy is a feminist icon.  She was just a girl, and a force to be reckoned w/.

Ever since his work on Roseanne, Whedon has been creating women who stepped outside of what was expected and perceived.  They were mouthy, they were sometimes crass and obnoxious.  They were sexual beings in charge of their own lives (once they figured out how to get there).  They were beautifully flawed and yet perfectly admirable.  


So, w/o further ado, I give you my favorite blubworthy Buffy moment.

Here’s to the Slayer in all of us.


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