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30-Day Challenge: Day 4 — Favorite Love Interest

Sebastian Vael, an olive-skinned man (though that isn't apparent with the lighting here) with bright blue eyes and auburn hair in armour with a seemingly lambskin-lined hood.


I am expecting some real laughs for this one, but this thought is completely based on a random in-game bug that happened to me, where the game put me into a friendmance with Sebastian even though my Hawke was already in a friendmance with Anders.


My favorite love interest at the time of this writing is Sebastian. (more…)


30-Day Challenge: Day 3 — Your Least Favorite Character

This is going to be wildly unpopular, so let me preface this by saying that I do not hate this character for the essence of what he brings to the game. I honestly find him enjoyable.


Now then, moving forward. My least favorite character is Zevran.

An olive-skinned elf man with shoulder-length blond hair.


Hardcore vs. Casual

New post is up at Bitch!

There is a certain sect of gamers who want you to believe that they are the only true gamers. They are the self-congratulatory ones who want to take credit for carrying the market all by themselves into the modern era only to be traded in for the pieces of silver that turned out to be games that more people could enjoy and access without having to devote another full-time job’s worth of hours or spoons to it. Games like Peggle and Lemmings and even Tetris were insult enough without The Sims being interesting enough to be one of EA’s most popular games and apparently dragging girls into the mix (because dudes never play The Sims, amirite?). This, of course, means that no one will ever make a decent, fresh, innovative, hardcore game ever again.

You can read the whole thing here!

Playing With Anna Collier…

During the course so far of my series at Bitch I have had the opportunity to interview Anna Collier, a truly awesome figure in the U.S. pro-gaming circuit:


We gave our daughter her first World of Warcraft account a few years ago, and a friend of ours told us that we were setting her up to be one of the “jocks of the future.” Do you see pro-gaming being taken as seriously as professional sports one day?

I can see pro-gaming getting more recognition as a professional sport very soon into the future. Gaming has already become a sport with paid professionals, sponsored teams, recognition in major magazines and, soon, televised shows and events. Gaming is like any other sport; you have teams and coaches, practices and scrims, and then you compete at a tournament. Many people would probably say gaming isn’t a sport because there isn’t any physical activity, but you never hear people complain about chess not being a sport, do you? Gamers go under a lot of stress when competing, they have to time certain weapons and power ups, have to have great communication skills, and above all, they have to stay calm while under pressure. It can get very intense, and if you aren’t prepared, you’ll lose. End of story—Game Over.


Read the whole thing here!


Some Shameless Self-Promoting…

funny celebrity pictures - Have you found out anything about our mysterious intruders, Mr. Spock?
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Things have been running a bit slow here in babble-land. I won’t lie, I’ve been a nasty, neglectful, Moderatrix. I’ve been working on a project that I wanted to devote full attention to in order to make sure I had something I could present and of which I could be very proud.

So, I would invite you to check out my series on video games and gaming over at Bitch Magazine’s blog, called The Games We Play for the next eight weeks. Hopefully now that things are a-go-go I may be able to attend to your needs as well. I love being able to schedule my time, but I hate overwhelming myself, so in the name of self-care, I decided to focus on one thing at a time.

Please do check it out!

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