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Brewfest Open Thread

Picture 13

This Post brought to you by Auntiepally…pwner of n00bs and she who makes BEs cry.

Are you playing?

What do you think of this year’s quests?

Anything special/different about the Horde quests (guess I could do them on my ‘Lock, too and find out).


Battle for the Undercity!


My other Other boyfriend, Arthas

My other Other boyfriend, Arthas

In the nigh on three years that I have been playing World of Warcraft I don’t think I have loved a quest chain this much, ever.  I know I haven’t thought anything was this awesome since I did the initial Death Knight starting area chain.

Starting w/ a great Cinematic of Alliance and Horde fighting side by side (Thrall!) against the Prince of Darkness (no, not Ozzy), and then having everyone being pwn’d by Putriss and the Forsaken, in a hard core way, this was by far one of the most fun things I have ever done, next to that failed attempt at For the Alliance (it was not well led, at all*).  As an Alliance toon it is the only opportunity you have to go to Ogrimarr and not get the shit beat out of you (if you are smart you can run and do a rare fishing quest while you are at it).  


King Varian Wrynn and Lady Jaina Proudmore

King Varian Wrynn and Lady Jaina Proudmore

It ends w/ you accompanying King Varian Wrynn (who is frickin beef) and Lady Jaina Proudmore on a raid to take the Undercity back from The Forsaken.  You get a mad buff (similar to the one in the DK chain) that makes you nigh un-pwn-able, and the three of you storm the Sewers making your way to the Apothecarium.


At the end you run into Thrall again (apparently he didn’t die on the battlefield)…and Varian turns into a bit of a tool box.  If you know some of the backstory surrounding Lady Jaina and Thrall you won’t be surprised at how it ends (though, I found it slightly anti-climactic, to be honest).

Thrall. He doesn't need explanation.

If you have been hesitating re-activation of that WoW account or upgrading to Wrath of the Lich King you should totally do it to experience this chain.  So much fun.

Almost makes me want to dust off one of my Horde characters to try the chain from the other side.


Quasi-daily LOLZ

funny pictures

moar funny pictures


I mean seriously, how am I supposed to get my DK to 80 if life keeps interrupting?

If you are a WoW n3rd like I am…

you NEED to play this week for Children’s week.  

Auntiepally and Dornaa in Lower City

Auntiepally and Dornaa in Lower City

You get to take a cute little kid around w/ you on a bunch of quests.

For the Alliance (60+) you are responsible for the cutest little Draenei girl *squeee*.


So, yeah, I am a total gamer dork.


But she’s soooo cuuuuute!


There are kids for the Horde too, but I am not really playing my BE Lock right now.  For the under 10’s there is a Human kid and a Blood Elf kid that you get in one of the newbie cities.

I am a sucker for World Event achievements!

I am convinced that the peeps at Blizzard must play Horde Shamans…

b/c I know for a fact that the Horde don’t have to run all the fuck over Kalimdor to complete their totem quests.

That is all.

RIP Dave Arneson (another *sniff* sad farewell)

The other Co-creator of the wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons role playing game passed away on 07 April, 2009 at the age of 61.

While not as famous as his Co-creator, the late Gary Gygax, who died just over a year ago, Arneson is credited for changing the world of gaming.  He converted the wargaming standard from one player controlling an entire Army to controlling a single character at a time.

A touching tribute to Arneson can be found here, in the Order of the Stick, and another one by John Kovalic (Illustrator of Munchkin).

Gaming will never be the same b/c of Gygax and Arneson, nor will it be the same without them.

Rest in Peace, Dave.  And thanks so much for everything.

I had a traumatizing day yesterday…so all you get from me is this XKCD comic.


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