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The Intertubes are Fooled!

Via Zakstar, there is a program at Mike on Ads that supposedly can determine your gender based on your browser history.  I couldn’t help myself I had to try it out.  I was greatly amused w/ the results!


Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 40% 
Likelihood of you being MALE is 60%

Site Male-Female Ratio
msn.com 0.92
myspace.com 0.74
youtube.com 1
wikipedia.org 1.08
facebook.com 0.83
photobucket.com 0.85
paypal.com 1.04
blogger.com 1.06
imdb.com 1.06
wordpress.com 0.98
flickr.com 1.15
fandango.com 0.82
snopes.com 0.74
mac.com 0.9
bbc.co.uk 1.44
ning.com 1.15
hotmail.com 0.83
stumbleupon.com 1.15
icanhascheezburger.com 1.04
theonion.com 1.2
alternet.org 1.53
honoluluadvertiser.com 1.04
starbulletin.com 1.25 

I guess my girl brain reads too damned much.  Go give it a try.  I am interested to know how many of you can fool it.


Like I said, I hate being pigeonholed.  :lol:


Fuck the gender binary.


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