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Ya Know What’s Not Funny?

(trigger warning for implied violence against women)

Violence against women.  Even if you think it is just a fucking prank at Halloween.

Halloween is not a free pass for douche baggery.  There are lots of great ways to decorate your lawn w/o being a complete douche nozzle who tries to get a few chuckles out of violence against women.  That alone is enough to piss me right the fuck off, but haven’t we learned that fucking lynching isn’t OK to joke about in our day and time?  Take your “art”, Mr. Douch Nozzle of the day and go fuck yourself.

FYI, the McCain in flames bit, also not funny.

I don’t have to agree w/ someone’s politics to defend them against shit that is fucked up.

That’s how feminism works.

h/t to ‘Liss.

Ya Know What’s Not Funny Part 1


Finish this sentence…

Remember that saying, “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”?  Well, I am working on something, b/c I am an artsy crafty kind of person, and I have a concept down, but I need some inspiration.

I am changing it to “Everything I need to know I learned from feminism”.  I need some statements that complete that though.  For example, as I read on Renee’s blog “parenting w/ radical acts of love” (I am kind of paraphrasing).

What have you learned from feminism?  I will let you know whose I choose to use, and I will share the finished product w/ you.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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