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A Meme

From Some Watery Tart I have a Meme of the sort that I don’t normally do, but since I do Ear Candy, I suppose the occasional Eye Candy isn’t uncalled for.  This is actually a combination of that meme and a convo I was having w/ Reader K8 in comments earlier RE the “list” from Friends.  So, judge me if you want to, but I felt inclined to answer that all important question of what “famous people would you want listed in the contract that your significant other had to forgive you if, you know, you just happened to meet them and you just happened to hit it off and they just happened to express interest in some hot, shallow monkey sex?”.  FTR, I don’t think anyone on this list could make me as happy as The Guy does (insert obligatory *awwwww* here).  So, w/ that in mind, and no further ado:

(In no real particular order) (more…)


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