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So, I am pretty sure this will go over like a fart in church:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rights holders of Buffy the Vampire Slayer — which began as the 1992 crapmound film starring Kristy Swanson and was later transformed by writer Joss Whedon into one of the touchstone TV series of the last 25 years — are planning a remake/relaunch. Now, fans of the Buffyverse have been clamoring for a feature extension ever since the show’s end in 2003; and they’ve made the Whedon-overseen comic books best sellers. Whedon has long been the hand on the wheel of the Buffy franchise, and his cultish fanbase are legion.

That raucous sound you hear is that fanbase currently consulting an engineer to figure out exactly how to support all of the hell they’re gonna raise. Because — get this — Whedon isn’t involved. AT ALL.


Yeah, that sounds like a sure fire way to make a successful movie.  Just thumb your nose at the source that made the series successful and wildly popular.  The brains behind the reason that the series is still so popular today.  Let’s take a moment to remember how the first Buffy movie went down the shitter after Whedon washed his hands of it and walked away while the forces behind it twisted it from his brain child into the thing you only watch if you need to do an episode of MST3K.

No way that is going affect how the movie is received.  Nah.

You can’t bring everything back from the dead and expect fans to embrace it.  There is no box big enough for this one.


Vampire myth debunked!

File this under “stupid news”.

Whew!  What a relief.  I know I was laying awake at night worrying that vampires were gonna git me!

Some scientist, who has obviously not read a lot of vampire lore, decided that for the sake of people everywhere he had to prove that vampires could not possibly exist.  Really, you gotta read that link!

So he used math, and a lot of assumptions.

Now, I am no scientist, but even I can see gaping holes in his logic.

And, nobody tell The Guy that he is working on debunking zombies, too.

h/t to Whedonesque.

Things I can not take to Korea…

More than 1 liter of alcohol (guess we are going to have to drink that really nice bottle of Absinthe I bought at the wine shop soon).

Guns.  Damn, b/c I don’t even own *a* gun, let alone many guns, which would necessitate an entire gun rack…

Explosives of any type.

Communist propaganda of any kind or Communist sympathizer materials.  That is a direct quote out of the packing list.  Guess I am going to have to tear my Communist Manifesto out of the back of my Feminist Marxist Dialectic Handbook.  

North Koreans.  I can’t actually back that up, but given the aforementioned no no, I am pretty sure it would be frowned upon.

Excessive amounts of electronic equipment, such as many TVs.  I am going to have to close down my warehouse.


Since we can’t find the actual list (imagine that), I will have to add more as I remember.

Now, I just need the damned movers to get here.  They are worse than the Cable Guy.  Our window was something like 0800-1500.



Really, NYT?  This is News?


Oh no, the Fed Gov’t isn’t a fucking vending machine.

A $700 billion bank/Wallstreet bailout.

But we can’t bail out an auto industry that employs thousands of fucking people, and that could catapult us globally into the competition for hybrid vehicles.

But we can fucking federally fund this?


We so should not be fucking spending taxpayer dollars to pay people not to have sex.

Although, it is funny that no one has taken the offer.  Deliciously so.

That should tell the Ab-only sex ed lovers something.

Not that there is anything that the failure rates can’t already tell us.  Not that this is new news, either.

From the “Duh” Files

John McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change.

This just in from the New York Fucking Times.

I don’t think they are trying anymore.

i never expected

that this post i made in an angry rant on myspace would get such positive feedback. i didn’t post it here, i figured it was kind of a “well, DUH” sort of thing…but i wanted to share.

and thanks to the people who asked if they could post it themselves, and pass it on. i received positive comments on it from some pretty unexpected places.

on 13 April, i wrote: (more…)

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