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The Case For Justice

Anders, a pale man in green robes with feathered pauldrons stands over the body of a dead templar in plate armour.

"Uhh... I didn't do it."

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How far would you go to escape abuse?

How far would you push to ensure that the abuse you had faced never happened to anyone you loved ever again?

Where would you draw the line between your life and the life of someone who was threatening your own?

In my never ending quest to defend (and my slight obsession with the character) Anders from Dragon Age 2, I’ve decided to take a step out onto a limb and discuss some of the reasons that, in addition to finding the lynchpin mage an exceptionally dynamic character, to explain why he makes complete sense to me. (more…)


One reason why DADT has to go…NOW…

Every time you PCS you have to go through a series of briefs at your new duty station.  It is the same for military spouses as well, it seems.  I spent two days at a brief w/ about a hundred Army soldiers (the Navy does their own briefs elsewhere, but the Army insists that I had to attend this one) in order to get my ration card.  

The meat of the two days of briefing covered a variety of topics that I have been briefed on approximately a nonillion times in my military career.  Some of the training, like the Domestic Violence brief happen quarterly for a lot of Active Duty personnel.

And in all, the DV brief was not horrible.  I could do w/o the horribly graphic pictures of child abuse victims, but some people need shock value to send a message home I suppose.  I am still researching the stats that were presented during the brief, b/c I felt that her “30% of abusers are women” number seemed a little clean and high, especially considering that the military is only about 1:4 woman to man, and considering that it is possible that some of that could be woman on woman violence, or myriad of other things.  But I am digressing.  That will be a post of its own.

Something that caught me off guard, and it probably shouldn’t have, was the way that the military defines Domestic Violence.  It is defined as “abuse occurring between members of the opposite sex in an intimate relationship who are living together”. (more…)

All I’m Sayin’…

If the shoe doesn’t fucking fit, don’t try to cram your foot into it.

Keep on rockin’ Renee!

Also Happening in October

W/ all that happens in October, let us not forget that it is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and National Violence Against Women Month.


More to come, but to get you going, here is a post from last October.

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