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Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger


(This picture is for you, California)

Election Edition!

Tip of the Hat:


To PRESIDENT ELECT Barack Obama on winning a landslide victory to become the 44th President of the United States.  While it was a difficult decision for me to come to wrought w/ intense emotion and moral conflict on my part, I feel good about my vote.  I do.  I feel the need to say for the umpteenth time that I do not believe him to be perfect nor infallible, but I do think that this is an opportunity that our country needs.




Who is this Howard Dean guy?

And why does he need my money?


Also, how the hell did anyone know I was leaning left?  If these people did any homework they would see that I am, in fact, a registered fucking Republican!

True story.


I got mail from the DNC today, complete w/ a bumper sticker for my car!  Can’t wait to put that on my hybrid!


Except that bit about me being a Registered Fucking Republican (registered the day I turned 18).  That part is actually true.  I spose I should get on that.  Unless it throws the real Rethugs off somehow.  Hmmm…


Didn’t ya’all know I am a recent convert to the Dark Side?

Just So We’re Clear

I do not have to support someone who is staunchly anti-choice, anti-equality, anti-woman, and has less experience than Obama to defend her against sexist bullshit. (more…)

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