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Some blogwhoring…

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I haven’t done one of these in a while … there has been a lot going on.  Apologies if I have missed something awesome that you did, and please share it in comments.

Cara at the Curvature: Not the Man I Know:

It’s not a musing about how violent people are generally capable of hiding their violence in certain contexts. Nor is it even usually an attempt to justify one’s relationship with a violent person. It’s just a flat-out denial. Perhaps even worse, it’s a dismissal.

He’s not aggressive. He respects women. He’s very sensitive. He loves children. He gives back to the community. Once, I saw him do this thing that I consider to be the opposite of the accusation.

Chally: Limits:

You need to approach me as limited because you need someone to be less than you. It is a relief to have someone to compare yourself with and think that you’re doing better than me, at least.

The next two I found via the Sixth Carnival of Feminist Parenting, which is really great and worth checking out.

Ruth Moss: Dear Kate Harding:

You don’t mind those children who are controlled by their parents, or at least, the ones where the parents try to control them. You realise it’s difficult to control them (in the same way it’s difficult to control weight: clue; in both cases, control is the wrong approach). But at least try, come on! And as for those parents who take some kind of pride in not controlling their kids at all (and is it just me, or do I detect the tiniest hint of classism there too?) they’re the lowest of the low.

Umm, did you know Carrie Fisher has a blog? And that she is still awesome (like I had any doubt)?

You see, I was hot when most people are hot—- in my fucking 20’s & part of my 30’s……THEN, in an effort to imitate humans, I had a child &, to further maintain my life like disguise, I took medications for about 9 thousand years, &, despite all my efforts, I continued to get older & older——inadvertently, I assure you———-I tried to arrest my development physically as WELL as emotionally, but unfortunately without as much success. I also must confess that I ate food. I’m sorry….. I realize that I promised never to eat anything but lettuce & sun flower seeds, but tragically, I was unable to keep my promise.

s.e. smith: The chemical coshing of sexuality:

Make no mistake: disabled persons who want an independent sex life are routinely denied lives as sexual beings. Whether they are sterilised in institutions, forced to take medications in exchange for being allowed to live independently, or not informed about the sexual side-effects of medication, their voices are left out of the treatment decision-making, even when treatment has very real – and sometimes deadly – side-effects.

Liss:  On Carrie PreJean:

To make an issue out of these tapes, to endorse or encourage their release for any reason, is to perpetuate the rape culture. Despite our collective refusal to regard them thus, celebrity sex tapes released without the participants’ consent is sexual assault. Consenting to the sex act, even consenting to its being filmed, is not implicit consent that images of the act be publicly distributed.

From Change.org:

(That by-ling is not a mistake, that’s me!)

Unfortunately, the intersection of feminism and the military receives limited coverage in womanist/feminist circles unless the discussion centers around rape. Don’t misunderstand me: Rape is a serious issue in the Armed Forces.  In weekly posts to come, I fully intend to discuss military rape and sexual assault, the ways it is being addressed (or not) by Upper Brass, how awareness is being raised, and the effectiveness of training geared toward preventing assault. Yet if we, as feminists/womanists, feminist allies, and other women’s rights advocates, focus only on rape and sexual assault, then we are dismissing the positive experiences and achievements made by women every day.

There is a ton more that I haven’t remembered to bookmark, shamefully.  Some of the FWD/Forward team is also doing a stint at Bitch as the Transcontinental Disability Choir, so please stop by and show us your love! Drop your links in comments, and show some love to the peeps who worked on these pieces (and me!)

ETA: I am ashamed to say I forgot to bookmark and link to Quixotess’ Boycott of Feministing.  Read her post for why, because I appreciate her boosting the signal.  Can’t stop the signal, Mal. Also, see Meloukhia’s Open Letter if you need a brush up.



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Leigh Graham at Change.org’s Poverty blog:  1 in 5 Elderly are poor.

Aunt B:  Reading Tarot.

Digby:  Tragic.

Lauren:  A Special Needs Mom.

Pam Spaulding:  Iowa: School officials strip-search five teen girls This is a total WTF? for me.

If any parent is looking for a way to teach the concept of a Sore Winner, here is a bang up example.

Echidne:  The Secret.

Monica Roberts:  You Respect a Cisperson’s Right to Change Their Name, Why Not a Transperson?

Blue Gal:  The Worst Day in the History of The Republican Party.

Phy/Bob:  Conserve is the Opposite of Progress.

Tennessee Guerilla Women:  Real ‘Norma Rae’ Dies After Battle With Health Insurer.

Via Sociological ImagesRace, Movies, Good, and Evil.

Have a great week!

Some links, and stuff while I was away…

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

We have been traveling (which most of you already knew).  I just went through the last (roughly) week of my google reader.  Here is what I felt was worthy of sharing:

Kate Harding gives good advice.

Amandaw from Three Rivers Blog shares this survey about fibromyalgia.  The hope is to get the perspective of people not directly affected and find out what people do or do not know about the disorder.  Take it.  Pass it on.

Frau sally benz discusses intersexuality.

The bike grogette:  Dear Het Men.  Word.

William K. Wolfrum reviews a Kabuki Theatre.

Shameless self promotion:  What the Hell? Enjoy!

Ginmar:  Health Care for All?  But that would mean I’m not special!

If you haven’t read it yet.

Mustang Bobby remembers Ted Kennedy.

And so does Melissa.

While I was away: (more…)

What She Fucking Said…

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but it is Thursday and I need to do some blogwhoring.

From Renee:

Dear white women, seriously get a clue.  More often than not your fight against sexism is about assuring that you have the same right to oppress as white males.  The whole “we’re all sisters” line is just a convenient ploy that is used to enlist the help of WOC.  Enough! Until feminism can clean up its act, it will continue to alienate women of colour

The whole post is great, and has sparked something of an explosive conversation, one that obviously needs to happen.  Until white feminists confront this head on we are going to find divides in feminism/womanism that are going to further hurt our cause.

Reacting to Renee’s post is whatsername, w/ this great piece, which she cross posted at Feministing.

This shit will probably keep happening, as new, young, white feminists keep coming to the movement. But we gotta spread the word. We have to do what we can to nip it in the bud. Because ignorant white women are hurting our sisters in movement, and making it more difficult for the rest of us to be trusted by them. Because this is our function as allies, to use our social position to point this shit out. Because at some point, it’d be nice for this movement to actually be realized. 

I admit that I am appalled by the response this got by the community at Feministing, but not surprised.  No matter how important and true the message there is always someone there to lecture about tone and to make it about them when it really isn’t.  It just further compounds whatsername’s point.  As far as her tone, IMNSFHO, people have been saying shit nicely for years, and nothing has been getting done about it.

Misty has some questions for North Dakota on their passing of this retrofuck bill. (h/t)

Speaking of harm, what about miscarriages? If an embryo/fetus has full legal standing as a genuine/individual person, the its ‘death’ will need to be investigated via autopsy. When I miscarried, I started bleeding on a Wednesday. I went in for my ultrasound on Thursday where it was confirmed. I couldn’t get into see my ob/gyn until very early Friday morning, which by then I had naturally passed everything (into the toilet). Should women who face the same situation straddle a bucket to bleed in? Keep her pads? Take the contents to the police? The contents of such will need to be investigated to make sure that there was no foul play involved, as again, an embryo/fetus is a full legal person whose death would warrant an investigation and, eventually, death certificate (which, btw, are not given for miscarriages now). How much more money will this cost?

Righteous anger is a beautiful thing.  I am also curious, too.  I have a copper IUD, which I have expressed never ending love for in the past, so were I to go to ND, does having it make me a serial killer, since nothing implants?  I mean, I am pretty sure I just had an unimplanted embryo pass (long story), so does that make me a murderer?

Cara also talks about this bill, and links back to this post by Jill, which is a favorite of mine on this issue of granting full personhood to embryos or blastocysts.

 Pro-lifers claim to value each and every human life, from the moment of conception. That’s why, they say, they want abortion to be illegal — because it kills a person. And there are indeed a lot of abortions. But the abortion rate pales in comparison to the rate of fertilized eggs that don’t implant and “die” by being naturally flushed out of the body. Yet there is not a single pro-life organization (at least that I can find) dedicated to finding a solution to this widespread, deadly epidemic. The “death rate” of unimplanted fertilized egg-persons almost certainly far exceeds the abortion rate and the death rate from AIDS combined. Why the silence? Why no mass protests or funding drives or pushes for research?* Where is the concern for the fertilized egg-people?

I personally feel we should start mailing our tampons and pads and diva cups to the authorities in ND post haste.  I am only kind of kidding.


Feel free to drop your own links in comments (my comments don’t seem to highlight links, so make the tagged portion say (link) if you possibly can).

May I Offer…

As suggested by someone on this tread at Shakesville, Ms. Laura D’Andrea Tyson, as a sensible alternative to douche nozzle at-large Larry “Your Lady Brains Can’t Handle Teh Math N Teh Science” Summers.


I also like RQ’s idea.


PS, sign the petition linked from Shakes, too.  Every time I link it my info pops up.  Get your own info!

I Was There

last year i randomly babbled a piece about feminism from the perspective of a single mother for an anthology for Liquid Words Publishing.  it was so exciting.  Adele from LW contacted me through a comment i had left at Feministing (i can only imagine which one) and asked me to write this piece.  i toiled over it and was so nervous.  i was new to blogging, and Random Babble had double digit posts and five readers, two of them related to me.  it was accepted in the final cut, and we were all excitedly awaiting the book release. (more…)

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