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My Congressmand Does Not, In Fact, Rock the Casbah

Yoshi, a green dragon like creature, falls to his demise as Mario, a white man dressed in red, bounces off of him to safety. The de-motivational poster reads "Betrayal. You traitorous swine."After almost a month of correspondence and petition signing, Congressman Stupak finally got around to having one of his aides respond to me. In fairness, this letter is fairly well tailored based on what I actually wrote, and yet, it is ridiculously condescending, and predictably skirting of anything that I said. Thanks for that.

It should also be noted, that my Congressman hates me. Yes. Me, specifically. He hates me as a Native Woman. There is no place for people like me in his world, because my health care needs won’t matter to him. Lest he forget, also, that there is a whole bunch of Michigan yet above the Mitten. “Northern Michigan” isn’t “above Traverse City”. There is a whole Peninsula left. It’s on the quarter and everything. HA!

So, Thanks for nothing, Mr. Stupak. Thanks for mansplaining that one. I’ll be sure to include this as the intro to your new Broadway show “Fuck You!: The Musical.

Letter after the jump. (more…)


Dear Feminist Bloggers

Could you please, for fuck’s sake, stop using the phrase “abortion provider George Tiller”?  

Seriously, he was a DOCTOR. 

See the difference?

One is a title he earned through work and education, and the other is a service, one of many, that he provided under that title.

It is not the sum of his work, his heroics, or who he was.  Referring to DR. Tiller as “abortion provider” or, I can’t believe I have to type this, “abortionist” just fuels the flames of the Anti-Choice jerks who want to paint him as some evil entity who deserved this horrible end.

He was a DOCTOR, who happened to be one of three people in the country to provide the type of abortions that others were too scared or bullied out of providing.  A DOCTOR.  A damned fine one at that who actually gave a rat’s ass about the people he was helping, who put their lives above his daily for years.

Let’s remember that, kay?

And thank you, again, DR. Tiller.




This is “Pro-Life” work…

Dr. George Tiller, a man who has put the health and safety of women above his own countless times was shot and killed, fucking gunned down, as he walked into church Sunday morning.  From Cara:

Dr. Tiller was one of the few late-term abortion providers in the country.  He had previously been shot, his clinic burnt down, harassed by ideological anti-abortion attorney generals, and threatened with death countless times.

He has survived this long to continue doing the important work that he believed in.

He and his commitment to women’s health will be dearly missed, and I grieve for his family.

At this time the suspect is not in custody, but here is the info for anyone in the Wichita area:

Police were looking for a blue Ford Taurus with a K-State vanity plate, license number 225 BAB. Police described him as a white male in his 50’s or 60’s, 6′1,” 220 lbs, wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

Jill has some info on several Pro-Choice organizations where you can donate in Dr. Tiller’s name.

Rest In Peace, Dr. Tiller.  

And thank you.


UPDATE:  Apparently an arrest has been made.

The Pope is a self righteous Ass Hole.


While I read about this on the AP last night, I thought this pic by tigtog (click the photo) was a brilliant portrayal of how I feel about it.

While the Church is busy pushing its dangerous and disgusting Ab-only agenda, magically believing that somehow teaching victims of systemic rape is going to protect them from HIV/AIDS transmitted to them by their infidel husbands, people are dying.

It is indeed magical and wishful thinking, far beyond that of any “magical pregnancy movie”, that teaching Abstinence to people who are virtually helpless to stop the atrocities being inflicted upon them is going to do anything to change the situation. (more…)

What She Fucking Said…

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but it is Thursday and I need to do some blogwhoring.

From Renee:

Dear white women, seriously get a clue.  More often than not your fight against sexism is about assuring that you have the same right to oppress as white males.  The whole “we’re all sisters” line is just a convenient ploy that is used to enlist the help of WOC.  Enough! Until feminism can clean up its act, it will continue to alienate women of colour

The whole post is great, and has sparked something of an explosive conversation, one that obviously needs to happen.  Until white feminists confront this head on we are going to find divides in feminism/womanism that are going to further hurt our cause.

Reacting to Renee’s post is whatsername, w/ this great piece, which she cross posted at Feministing.

This shit will probably keep happening, as new, young, white feminists keep coming to the movement. But we gotta spread the word. We have to do what we can to nip it in the bud. Because ignorant white women are hurting our sisters in movement, and making it more difficult for the rest of us to be trusted by them. Because this is our function as allies, to use our social position to point this shit out. Because at some point, it’d be nice for this movement to actually be realized. 

I admit that I am appalled by the response this got by the community at Feministing, but not surprised.  No matter how important and true the message there is always someone there to lecture about tone and to make it about them when it really isn’t.  It just further compounds whatsername’s point.  As far as her tone, IMNSFHO, people have been saying shit nicely for years, and nothing has been getting done about it.

Misty has some questions for North Dakota on their passing of this retrofuck bill. (h/t)

Speaking of harm, what about miscarriages? If an embryo/fetus has full legal standing as a genuine/individual person, the its ‘death’ will need to be investigated via autopsy. When I miscarried, I started bleeding on a Wednesday. I went in for my ultrasound on Thursday where it was confirmed. I couldn’t get into see my ob/gyn until very early Friday morning, which by then I had naturally passed everything (into the toilet). Should women who face the same situation straddle a bucket to bleed in? Keep her pads? Take the contents to the police? The contents of such will need to be investigated to make sure that there was no foul play involved, as again, an embryo/fetus is a full legal person whose death would warrant an investigation and, eventually, death certificate (which, btw, are not given for miscarriages now). How much more money will this cost?

Righteous anger is a beautiful thing.  I am also curious, too.  I have a copper IUD, which I have expressed never ending love for in the past, so were I to go to ND, does having it make me a serial killer, since nothing implants?  I mean, I am pretty sure I just had an unimplanted embryo pass (long story), so does that make me a murderer?

Cara also talks about this bill, and links back to this post by Jill, which is a favorite of mine on this issue of granting full personhood to embryos or blastocysts.

 Pro-lifers claim to value each and every human life, from the moment of conception. That’s why, they say, they want abortion to be illegal — because it kills a person. And there are indeed a lot of abortions. But the abortion rate pales in comparison to the rate of fertilized eggs that don’t implant and “die” by being naturally flushed out of the body. Yet there is not a single pro-life organization (at least that I can find) dedicated to finding a solution to this widespread, deadly epidemic. The “death rate” of unimplanted fertilized egg-persons almost certainly far exceeds the abortion rate and the death rate from AIDS combined. Why the silence? Why no mass protests or funding drives or pushes for research?* Where is the concern for the fertilized egg-people?

I personally feel we should start mailing our tampons and pads and diva cups to the authorities in ND post haste.  I am only kind of kidding.


Feel free to drop your own links in comments (my comments don’t seem to highlight links, so make the tagged portion say (link) if you possibly can).

12 more attempts to explain, cuz, slutty little girl, you don’t seem to grasp this…

Lawmakers in 12 states are trying to pass bills that require ultrasounds prior to a woman receiving abortion services.

There are a lot of problems and a lot of questions w/ what is going on here.

Aside from the vague descriptions of what some of these bills actually want (except in Indiana and Connecticut, where women are forced to view these images, listen to the heartbeat, and in one case actually receive a copy of the image even if she doesn’t want it), which I think Cara does a nice job of covering, there is not a lot of clarity here.  The first thing I want to know is who is going to pay for these costly medical procedures?  The cost of an unwanted ultrasound could be seriously debilitating to someone who is already panicking to scrape together the money for help.  Since many women list the burden of the cost of raising a child as a reason for choosing an abortion, it goes to reason to assume that the additional cost of an ultrasound would be another straw.  Many insurance plans do not cover abortions, and it doesn’t seem like a far leap to say that an ultrasound linked to it wouldn’t be covered either.  Additionally, if abortion providers sometimes already perform ultrasounds to measure the length of gestation, why the extra test?  The Missouri law notes that a doctor or other “qualified professional” can perform the ultrasound, and I fear that it leaves that open a little wide for interpretation.  I have heard of too many of these so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers letting their counselors perform ultrasounds.  Shit, when I was 11 and at a conference for girls in Math and Science, I performed one, easily.  Finally, South Carolina is trying to pass a law changing their law to require the test 24 hours prior to performing the procedure.  If a woman is already pinching and scraping to afford her abortion, an extra ultrasound, and travel costs (since not everyone lives in an area w/ access to a facility that will perform abortions), she is now going to be faced w/ finding a way to travel again, or find accommodations, possibly missing more work or school.  Since not every woman seeking an abortion is privileged enough to have time and money to spare, these laws are clearly meant to prevent women from gaining access to abortions and to discourage them when they are so close to help.


Pro-Life is Anti-Woman

Thanks to Cecelia for sending this to me on Facebook.


My world misses some people’s presence more than others I think.

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