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Voices from the Angie Zapata Vigil

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Light a Candle for Angie Zapata

3224_68191113422_55051188422_1691612_80952_nThe trial Allen Andrade, who brutally and hatefully murdered Angie Zapata begins today (which is actually the 14th where it is taking place).  This is significant b/c they will be trying this as a hate crime, a first under Colorado’s hate crime laws.    Although there can never be true justice for such a devastatingly tragic crime, hopefully this will be the start of a stronger stance against such hate crimes.

No one should have to fear for their lives simply as a result of being themselves.  What a human being has or doesn’t have under their clothes is not only not grounds for horrific crimes, but it is no one’s business but that person and their doctor.

While this new standard of trying the murder of a trans* person will likely not stop this inexcusable crime from taking place, hopefully it will bring swifter and more just punishment to the detestable people who commit these senseless crimes.  Perhaps, finally, Trans Panic will no longer be enough of an excuse to let a murderer off the hook for their crime.

Stop the hate.

You can show support for Angie and her family by lighting a candle and joining the vigil.

Find more information at the website devoted to Angie Zapata’s trial.  You can follow the trial by following @justiceforangie on Twitter, or search the hashtag of #zapata.  You can also join the group Light a Candle for Angie Zapata on Facebook and use a picture of a candle as your profile for the vigil.

ETA:  More info at Questioning Transphobia

May Angie finally find peace.

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