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30-Day Challenge: Day 5 — Least Favorite Love Interest

I was going to pick Alistair, but magesmagesmages already did such a fantastic takedown of that one, that I would only be rehashing what she already brilliantly said.

A pale blond man in green robes clutches his head.

I will have to go with Anders, and I say this as a person who almost can NOT resist clicking that little heart icon every time it pops up. I have completed the Anders romance more times that I have completed the others combined.

My issues with the Anders Romance have almost nothing to do with Anders as a character, his actions, or how I feel about him in-game at all. Once again my criticism comes down to mostly writing and game mechanics. (more…)


30-Day Challenge: Day 4 — Favorite Love Interest

Sebastian Vael, an olive-skinned man (though that isn't apparent with the lighting here) with bright blue eyes and auburn hair in armour with a seemingly lambskin-lined hood.


I am expecting some real laughs for this one, but this thought is completely based on a random in-game bug that happened to me, where the game put me into a friendmance with Sebastian even though my Hawke was already in a friendmance with Anders.


My favorite love interest at the time of this writing is Sebastian. (more…)

30-Day Challenge: Day 3 — Your Least Favorite Character

This is going to be wildly unpopular, so let me preface this by saying that I do not hate this character for the essence of what he brings to the game. I honestly find him enjoyable.


Now then, moving forward. My least favorite character is Zevran.

An olive-skinned elf man with shoulder-length blond hair.


30-Day Challenge: Day 1 — Your Favorite Character

A Fangirl’s Manifesto Praising Grumptastic Little Brothers Everywhere


This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.


Carver Hawke from the game Dragon Age 2. A pale man with chin-length dark hair pulled back on the top and sides wears plate armour over a blue and grey-scaled tunic. He has a greatsword on his back and a fairly surprised expression on his face.

The best and most lovably grumptastic little brother anywhere.

As an older sister of a young man who was an absolute PAIN IN MY ARSE until we were adults, I have to go with that lovable younger brother and all-around adorable grump, Carver Hawke. (more…)

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