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world AIDS day


smack dab in the middle of the 16 days to end VAW comes world AIDS day.  statistics lead experts to believe that AIDS is on the rise in the US, and world wide as well.  i don’t have much of a scope for opinion on this one.  we, as a country desperately need to do more to educate young men and women about AIDS, and teach them how to protect themselves.  we need to stop pushing abstinence on ourselves and the world, since it doesn’

t work.  at all.

but i can’t help but think that people blame AIDS victims.  i remember as a girl, my mom had a boyfriend, and he had a gay brother, who was pretty much a jerk, but his boyfriend was pretty awesome.  however, he had AIDS.  i was almost 14, and it was my first encounter w/ either a homosexual person and w/ AIDS.  we had known him almost two years when his health took a devastating turn, and he slowly died before our eyes.  even as a girl, too young and naive in the world to understand things fully, i remember asking him be put on our prayer list at church.  they obliged me, but i very clearly remember the disapproving looks, and out right lack of condolences for our grief at all.  one of my “friends” even sniggered when i made the request of my sunday school teacher.  yeah, looking back my life choices have made complete sense.  the point is that this guy was a person in my life.  he was someone we had grown to care about, and while i didn’

t understand fully the impact of him having AIDS, i know how it felt that no one seemed sorry he was dying.  and that was unforgivable to me.

so, take it for what it’

s worth.


16 days blogging


three hits…


new ad campaign for amnesty international, a picture truly is worth a thousand words…


a story that gives me mixed feelings

i think this ass hat should go to prison for a very long time.  but i am not sure that murder should be the charge…

assault?  yes.  drugging a woman against her will?  absolutely.  forcing an abortion on a woman damn well w/in her rights to carry it to term?  you betcha (tho, i know the anti-choice crazies are going to be all over this one…).  let’

s not forget stalking, burglary, violation of a restraining order…

but murder?

i can’t seem to get myself to go along w/ it, even though this ass hat deserves to rot in a fucking cell for the rest of his miserable life.  he should pay for the violence he committed against a woman, for the terror he has brought her, but i just can’

t bring myself to say he committed murder, no matter what the wisconsin law says.

and three,

a woman is murdered by her husband eight minutes after she attempts to get a gas station clerk to help her.  she slipped him a note on her signed receipt.  roy has a great post on this story about the morality of helping a stranger in this situation, and it is a great one.

someday i might have to post the story about how i had the shittiest neighbors ever in redford, mi, when my Kid’

s biological whatever and i had some incredible fights.  why no one ever called the cops on us i will never know, especially since it was a family neighborhood, and it usually ended up w/ me outside the house half dressed crying for him to leave me alone…at midnight.  or maybe i just did post it.

16 days blogging


via bbc


i may add to this later…when i have had time to digest the atrocity here a little…where would the world be w/o kick ass women like this lawyer to stand up and fight for children sold as sex slaves for drugs?  where would this girl be?  how can a girl be gang raped, and then condemned to death for the crime committed against her?

why am i not cuddled up to hot asian guy asleep?

if you listen to bbc radio, which i am not saying i do, or that i actually sometimes like npr, leila’s whole story will be aired 29 NOV.

16 days blogging


this isn’t exactly about violence against women, but i like that it is something positive.

while i always had mixed feelings about the girl scouts, never wanting to be one myself b/c i thought all they did was sell cookies and practice cooking and sewing, while the boy scouts got to go camping, my heart warmed a little when i read this.

“When you say you are a girl scout, they say, ‘Oh, my daughter is a girl scout, too,’ and then they don’t think of you as a person from another planet,” said Asma, a slight, serious girl with a bright smile. “They are more comfortable about sitting next to me on the train.”  


while i think it’s sad the lengths some people feel they have to go to make other jerks feel better, i like that the girl scouts are giving these young girls some confidence.

“I don’t want them to see themselves as Muslim girls doing this ‘Look at us, we are trying to be American,’ ” she said. “No, no, no, they are American. It is not an issue of trying.”



so, in a possibly feeble attempt to tie this into ending VAW, building confidence in young girls, especially young WOC living in a muslimphobic society, you encourage them to push for their potential.  pushing for potential means they may try their damnedest to achieve more than being cardboard boxes, hopefully keeping them from situations where they might find themselves victims.  not all victims of violence are minority women in poverty, but a damned large number of them are.  and i would have to run stats, but i am willing to bet my pussy that there is a disproportionate number of muslim women who are victims of violence.

16 days blogging


i read this on bbc last night before going to bed, planning to blog about it today, only to find that basically everyone else has blogged about it first…wev…i was still impressed.

i was a little irritated at how they pointed out that this gulabi gang (calling them a sorority) is “not exactly a group of male bashing feminists”

, i still really love reading about women taking a stance and fighting back against injustice.

so check out these women w/ the pussies to fight back, and read samhita’

s take on it too.

16 days blogging


yesterday marked the kickoff of the 16 days of action against gender violence, beginning 25 november on international day for the ending of violence against women, and ending of 10 december w/ national human rights day.  this is a great chance to get involved.  the first step is following these links, from here, or any other feminist site you frequent, to educate yourself on these issues, and to find ways you can help.  this is my first year since sucking it up and identifying as a feminist, and already i have learned a lot about violence against women.  while blogging is a far cry from good activism, i really believe that it is a great place to start.  information and education are our greatest weapons against things like gender violence, and realizing that gender issues are human rights issues.

this year’s theme is demanding implementation, challenging obstacles: end violence against women.

as i educate myself on a more broad spectrum of issues, i encourage you all to do the same.  if you run a blog, or otherwise try to get involved in any way, please, give this some spotlight time.  i am going to (try to) post daily on a different issue…and i am open to suggestion…to spread what i learn, and to do my (albeit small) part in getting word out that violence against women, and gender violence in general, is a human rights issue, and not just something in the corner of feminists.

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