exactly that

Sebastian Vael, an olive-skinned man (though that isn't apparent with the lighting here) with bright blue eyes and auburn hair in armour with a seemingly lambskin-lined hood.


I am expecting some real laughs for this one, but this thought is completely based on a random in-game bug that happened to me, where the game put me into a friendmance with Sebastian even though my Hawke was already in a friendmance with Anders.


My favorite love interest at the time of this writing is Sebastian.


It’s pretty basic, really, my reasoning.


As much as I complained about it while playing the game, I like the idea of a nearly unattainable LI. It amused me.


There are many, many things that I dislike about The Prince of Starkhaven. Most of those things are because of the brilliant writing that took place with Sebastian in the very limited scope that we get to see him. He privilege just rolls off of him, and it’s a fantastic way to look at the ways that privilege denying affects us.


There are so many things about Sebastian that I just vehemently object to, and so many times my Hawke wanted to chuck him off the Wounded Coast for being such a privileged douche. Even the privilege she could deal with, but his glaring reluctance to recognize it was just infuriating beyond belief.


That being said, the romance option with him, while woefully underwritten and not fleshed out well at all, has got to be my favorite at this writing. Of all the other companions over the games who are options, Sebastian is nearly unobtainable. Sebastian has a seedy past, and he’s doing to repenting thing. He has a conviction about relationships and sex that he is sticking to, and he’s not going to sway on it. The same steadfastness that aggravates me to no end on him as a party companion, makes me respect him tremendously as a love interest in-game.


Something I applaud BioWare for is their attempts at diversity. While I do not personally believe in waiting until marriage to consummate a relationship, I have a lot of respect for people who do. Something that is a goal of mine is supporting people in their sexual choices so long as everyone involved is consenting and no one is being harmed. While some of your companions in both DA games will bed your PC easily, and others willingly with time, Sebastian is unwavering in his oath of celibacy. I find that slightly beautiful.


I realize that a lot of it is probably due to Sebastian being a DLC character and not a full party member, and that is something else that irritates me about him, because he adds a lot to the party dynamic, IMO. In my case, the romance with Sebastian glitched, as in I didn’t initiate it, and my Hawke was living with Anders at the time, but when it did, I had to explore it more.


I find Sebastian’s sexual choices to be admirable, even if he is a raging jerk most of the time. In fact, I think part of the appeal is because of his overall personality and waffling (sorry, couldn’t help it) nature. This is one thing he is resolute about. I like the awkward flirting, and the gentle reminders that he has vows to keep. Even if it is religiously driven (and there is nothing wrong with this, apart from my hatred of the Andrastian chantry situation in Thedas), it is his commitment to keep. It is HIS choice to make, and he makes it and stands by it. It allows you to pursue him and get to know him while leaving sex completely out of the question, which for some people, is a refreshing place to be in a relationship.


Consensual sexual choices are valid. I fully support the choice to sleep with as many willing partner who are able to consent to it as a person wants, as well as the choice to abstain (so long as one isn’t lorded as being superior). We all have our reasons for making the choices that we do, and I certainly do not have many parallels with Sebastian’s, but I have a respect for the fact that a non-sexual romance was offered in DA2. It made the game a touch more realistic to me. We have a beautiful diversity of romance choices, and each character brings a little something to that aspect of the game. I feel that a non-sexually based romance rounds that out just a little more.



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