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Well, allow me to dust off the ol’ blog here with an epic post about the end of a really big deal.

We managed to find a screening of Harry Potter here in Seoul that was neither in 3 or 4 D, thank every thing holy, because I had a burning urge to not vomit while watching a movie that I’ve waited quite a while to see.

I was… not disappointed. In fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised. The last two movies, in my opinion, which most people reading here will agree is neither humble nor quiet, have been the truest to the books. The few changes that I noticed really were things that I rather enjoyed. There were things that I found actual improvements. But then again, I found myself to be sort of overly-critical of the last novel as a whole. I always felt like the last book was a bit rushed, could have fleshed some things out more, left some things a little lacking, etc, etc, but that is me, a fan, just wanting more.

I felt like the director did a fantastic job making up for that.

There were things that I had wanted to see more of. I always want more Ginny. Ginny, in my again, not-so-humble-opinion, is terribly underused. For as BAMF-tastic as she was supposed to be in the series, she is mostly relegated to a love interest. That never ceases to irritate me.

Something that made me cheer out loud, and The Guy as well, was Minerva McGonagall’s incredible moment of dueling Professor Snape without so much as breaking a sweat. I love to see badass older women kicking ass. She was amazing.

So, let’s open it up to a bit of discussion. I’m a bit slow on the uptake these days, but I’ll try to get around to responding to everyone! What did you think?


Comments on: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 — The End of an Era" (2)

  1. There was way too little of Ron and Hermione, and I felt that the extended action scenes – which were of course entirely necessary in the context of the story – meant that there wasn’t enough actual… story time. Beautifully shot, as ever, and Alan Rickman was fantastic.

  2. Neville and Luna. More of both. More Neville specifically. I love that character in the books and the movies didn’t go into how Neville was the runner up for the boy who lived title or how much he personally suffered because of Voldermort and Bellatrix.

    Plus Matt Lewis look like Clive Owen Jr. now that he’s all growed up.

    And Luna because she’s Luna. Because she is always Luna-like. Because she’s this floaty, ephemeral character but always rock solid on the side of kindness.

    And how awesome are these books that there are so many characters for people to identify with? I know HP has some issues re: privilege. But still it’s better than just about all the other schlock for kids that’s out there.

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