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During the course so far of my series at Bitch I have had the opportunity to interview Anna Collier, a truly awesome figure in the U.S. pro-gaming circuit:


We gave our daughter her first World of Warcraft account a few years ago, and a friend of ours told us that we were setting her up to be one of the “jocks of the future.” Do you see pro-gaming being taken as seriously as professional sports one day?

I can see pro-gaming getting more recognition as a professional sport very soon into the future. Gaming has already become a sport with paid professionals, sponsored teams, recognition in major magazines and, soon, televised shows and events. Gaming is like any other sport; you have teams and coaches, practices and scrims, and then you compete at a tournament. Many people would probably say gaming isn’t a sport because there isn’t any physical activity, but you never hear people complain about chess not being a sport, do you? Gamers go under a lot of stress when competing, they have to time certain weapons and power ups, have to have great communication skills, and above all, they have to stay calm while under pressure. It can get very intense, and if you aren’t prepared, you’ll lose. End of story—Game Over.


Read the whole thing here!



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